Public Safety

Altech offers many devices that will keep you focused on the mission at hand. Our Genuine Motorola Service will ensure dependable communication that will not be a distraction. Our quality mobile radios will work with you to shorten response time and protect the public. Security and event officials can also depend on our mobile radios to ensure smooth operations and safe events.

Heavy-Duty Services

Operating day-to-day procedures safely and efficiently in industries like manufacturing, transportation, and construction requires clear communication. In these industries, time is money. Altech offers many mobile radios that will improve real-time collaboration and increase productivity. As an Authorized Motorola Dealer, we provide the most durable Motorola services sure to get the job done.

Healthcare & Hospitality

Our lightweight and dependable mobile radios improve response time and allow industry professionals to devote more effort to quality care. Let our trained Motorola service technicians focus on your communication needs so you can focus on the needs of others.

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