Two Way Radios in Public Safety

Communication is dire in any high-stress scenario, especially when one false move can result in serious consequences. Sure, there’s cell phones and access to the internet, but what if both of these resources went down or became overburdened as is typical in natural disasters? What would one be left to do in such a situation? Thankfully, public safety radios are an excellent tool to not only keep communication flowing but notify others in the event something goes wrong. Since any emergency first responder knows communication is a critical component when diagnosing an issue, it puts into context just how important portable radios can be in a situation where phone or internet communication isn’t feasible.

Disaster & Two Way Radio Popularity Growth

Hurricane Sandy was a catastrophic natural disaster in October 2012 that affected the entire Tri-State area, not just New Jersey. There were multiple black holes where updates could only be sent to people through snail mail. People relied on social media to get in contact with state officials and their loved ones, although even that was difficult due to a dodgy connection. This emphasized the need for a proper communication plan. Training individuals on how to use two way radios for regular use and emergency situations could have set people at ease during Hurricane Sandy. Once these individuals are used to using two way radios for everyday communication, they’ll know exactly how to operate them in the event of an emergency.

Two Way Radios & The News

Disaster always finds a way to strike and the news makes us well aware of this fact. Given these circumstances, many businesses have gone all in on two way radio systems for communication. Although people assume that a smartphone is more than enough, it isn’t nearly as reliable as a two way radio. In emergencies, you do not want to worry about battery life or a weak signal, which is a major concern with smartphones. Additionally, all of your employees may not have each other’s numbers making communication impossible.

Two Way Radio Safety Benefits

These are the key benefits of two radios in emergency situations: – Know Everyone’s Location – In the event of an emergency, tracking down the location of every staff member can waste valuable time that you may not have. Since many two way radios come with GPS tracking, you’ll have no problem finding a member of your team when you need them. Additionally, you can contact your entire team with the push of a button. – It Works When Others Fail – Whenever most methods of communication tend to fail, two way radios still shine. This is due to the fact that two way radios operate on their own channels. Whereas a phone system can get clogged up during an emergency, a two way radio system keeps everyone on the same crystal clear channel. – Lightweight & Durable – Under many circumstances, cellphones can break given how fragile they are. Whether it be rain, sleet or snow, a phone may not be the best option for communication in a high stress environment. Thankfully, two way radios are both lightweight and durable, which blows other forms of communication out of the water.

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