Altech Electronics is proud to be a recognized Platinum Motorola Solutions Radio Solutions Channel Partner and a member of the Certified Service Center Program. Our two-way radio store offers a variety of mobile and portable radio services to improve communication efficiency. We are two-way radio installers who service and carry replacement parts, batteries, and accessories for all major brands, including NEXTEL, and because of our large buying power, you will find our prices are tough to beat.

Two Way Radio Installations In NYC In Our Two Way Radio Store & At Your Location

We are a Motorola commercial two-way radio manufacturer & supplier with nearly 50 years’ experience in two way radios, mobile radio parts supply & installing two-way radios in NY, along with other communications products, lighting, technology and emergency alert systems for many different industries. We are passionate about doing great work every time and making sure our customers are happy with the results.

We have a full-time crew of 25 experts that can do two way radio installations, siren installations and more in-house at our radio store in Brooklyn or we can travel to your location.

At Altech, we specialize in installing two-way communication radios, lighting, sirens, emergency alert systems, mobile data terminals, computers (such as Panasonic ToughpadsPanasonic Toughbooks), modems, routers, cameras, external antennas and more. Our professional installers are skilled at designing and building custom consoles with our extensive radio parts list to house all of your equipment and accessories.

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