Command Post Radio

Command Post 2 Way Radio

Hi-Rise operations and large open areas call for your team to be able to reliably communicate between posts, and Altech’s command post radio makes that possible.

Whether it’s across a large open field, or from subway to street level, this command post radio allows clear efficient interagency communications

Your team will face critical moments, and this radio is designed to make sure your team stays connected during them.

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Used for emergency radio communications and designed and manufactured by ALTECH ELECTRONICS (A Motorola Authorized Two Way Radio Dealer) and currently used as an F.D.N.Y. radio as part of their apparatus list. This Self-Contained, Self-Powered 45-watt Programmable Command Radio System for Communicating on the Move and Establishing a Rapid Form of Interagency Communications is extremely critical for those times where every moment counts. Altech’s Command Post Radio is a portable command center, and programmable two-way radio. See the exact specs of this fire department 2 way radio below, and learn about our fire radio and emergency pager installation services.

Command Post Radio Features:

  • 45 watt FCC approved Public Safety Radio
  • Water resistant fire department radio with internal waterproof speaker
  • Our portable radios have 128 zones each with 128 channels
  • Adjustable power settings
  • Meets military 810 C, D, E and F specs
  • All portable fire radio features accessible from exterior of case
  • Watertight non metallic Pelican case
  • 12 volt Hi-Capacity non-spillable lead acid battery
  • Heavy duty weatherproof push button power switch
  • Non-ground plane flexible rubber coated whip style radio antenna
  • 12 volt stainless steel marine grade accessory outlet for charging or powering accessories
  • Available in UHF, VHF or 800 Mhz
  • Available with phone style handset or microphone with push to talk button
  • 7′ Spiral microphone/handset cord
  • A/C dual rate charger and adapter cords with L.E.D. charging indication
  • Multiple L.E.D. lights to indicate battery level / padded shoulder strap
  • Measures 13″x11″x6″
  • Weight – 22lbs

Command Post Radio Features:

  • Communication between various Posts during Hi-Rise operations (Lobby Command, Operation, Search and Evacuation, Incident Command and Helicopter)
  • Communication in subway system from platform to street level
  • Large arena command post operations with multiple Command Posts
  • The ideal incident command post radio for large open areas such as forest fires, large brush fires, oil tank farms and marine operations
  • Interagency communications with multiple command posts
  • Ability to link two mobile fire command post radios to create portable repeater system
  • Currently being carried by all New York City Fire Department Division and Battalion Chiefs as well as Special Operations and Marine Units
  • Currently being used as in the Boston Fire Department Special Operations
  • Being placed and maintained in Hi-Rise Buildings in Jersey City according to Fire prevention Requirements
  • One of the most impressive fire radios for sale
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