Custom Command Boards

Ready to upgrade your command boards? We create customized layouts. At Altech Electronics, we deliver command boards to match your needs.

Customize Our Boards Using Your Ideas

In Case Studies of Incident Command Systems, widely used incident command boards and systems are crisis response requirements. Keeping track of your troops, equipment, and the scene is easy with our personalized accountability solutions. At Altech Electronics have the infrastructure ready for you. Whether you need the National Incident Management System (NIMS) capabilities, a board to complement the Passport Accountability System (PASS), or something new. Even better, we have custom options where you can alter each choice according to your specifications. If you are looking for successful, sustainable technology, consider leveling up your current command board. We have various customizable options available.

Unique Boards to Safeguard Your Firefighters and First Responders

Future practice depends on emergency medical services and fire suppression layouts for your fire department and first responders. Perhaps you need a combination, or something entirely bespoke to your specifications. Altech Electronics offers portable, tiny command boards that you may mount inside or outside your vehicle. Our reversible boards feature an area to sketch on the back of them, which you may use for quickly formulating strategies and gathering information. We have solutions big and small, with just what you need to know to get the job done and keep your firefighters and first responders safe, regardless of the size of your department or the scene where the emergency is occurring.

Law enforcement incident command boards.

We at Altech Electronics provide police and other agencies with law enforcement incident command boards to assist and keep everything under control in all of their command centers. In the event of a hostage scenario, active shooting, or hazardous material occurrence, the Incident Commander can regain control of the situation by organizing a team using our array of incident command boards. You may tailor every one of our incident management tools to meet the requirements of your specific state, federal, or local law enforcement agency, military units, and specialized organizations.


Emergency services demand systems that deliver real-time information on resource locations, arrivals of teams, decks, and more.

  • Track incident and scene assets with this first responder gear. The Command Board facilitates command transfer through NIMS language and standards.
  • Using the board’s cues, the incident commander can place key support teams close to the incident, customizing the Command Board to identify each squad quickly.
  • A dry-erase board velcro-ready side portions for diagramming the incident so that you may accurately account for each resource. It can be hung from hooks or carabiners or placed on a table or car hood easily. Hook and loop tags can be attached to removable accountability boards.
  • Clear vinyl pockets with elastic loops for markers and a place to store documentation. Standard twenty-five operable magnets come with a board included in the package. Order resource magnets that you can customize—storage for magnets in a zippered outside pocket.

Our top priority at Altech Electronics is providing you with the tools required for efficient firefighter, first responder and law enforcement accountability tracking. Customized firefighter, first responder and law enforcement accountability solutions enhance the performance of our existing command board systems. Contact Altech Electronics today to design your command board.