Hospital Walkie Talkies In Healthcare

There are few industries in which communication is as vital as healthcare. Whether this means handling a nationwide pandemic or addressing the normal flow of patients at a busy hospital, keeping the people on the front lines connected with one another using healthcare two way radios is crucial to triage, crowd control and other critical tasks that the healthcare industry is responsible for. As an industry leader in the two-way communication space, Altech Electronics is staffed by certified two-way communication technicians who average 20 years of experience working with Motorola Solutions and understand the necessity of hospital walkie talkies.

The Motorola Difference

Altech Electronics offers Westchester County, New York City, Long Island and New Jersey areas access to Motorola two-way communication radios and the related technologies the healthcare industry counts on to streamline its operations. As a leader in the communication space, Motorola walkie talkies for healthcare provide workers with the following advantages:

Choice of Ranges

The two-way Motorola radios for healthcare from Altech offer a choice of either short-range or long-range capabilities. This ensures that healthcare businesses aren’t paying for something they don’t need while still getting the features they need.


In the fast-paced world of healthcare, it is inevitable that communication devices will get dropped. While the durability of cell phones is questionable at best, that of Motorola walkie talkies is not. Built with materials that can withstand the shock of being dropped without a disruption in operations means that these two-way radios are also reliable.

No Dead Spots

With nearly everyone on the planet owning a cell phone, at first glance it can seem like having access to a communication radio dedicated to work is unnecessary. However, unlike cell phones, Motorola hospital two way radios don’t have dead spots. Healthcare workers will be able to effectively and efficiently communicate with one another whether they are out on a busy sidewalk in front of a medical office or deep in the bowels of the city’s busiest hospital.


With access to some of the most private patient information, many healthcare workers need to be able to communicate securely. Emergency medical technicians, for example, are often on the front lines of a disaster and must communicate vital information to hospitals, dispatch and others that need to stay in the know. Doing so securely with medical walkie talkies is crucial to protecting patient confidentiality and guarding against liability. On the other hand, some healthcare facilities don’t transmit protected patient information via two-way radio. Altech Electronics offers a range of Motorola communication radio options to fit the needs of the healthcare industry.

Multiple Communication Routes

A typical walkie talkie provides the user with a single channel to communicate on. While this simple method of communication might be sufficient for some small medical offices, for many of today’s healthcare facilities, ambulance services and related businesses, it simply isn’t going to meet their needs. With a multi-channel Motorola two-way radio, a healthcare worker can communicate efficiently with a coworker using their hospital security radio regarding a line forming outside the clinic on one channel, for example. Switching to another secure channel, this same healthcare worker can relay sensitive patient information to the front office and facilitate check-in operations.


  • Altech Electronics is staffed with passionate technicians who are skilled in two-way communication technologies.
  • Our staff has an average of 20 years of experience working with Motorola Solutions advanced radio communication systems.
  • A range of two-way radios that meet the evolving needs of the always-changing healthcare industry are available.

Altech Electronics is deeply committed to providing those in the healthcare industry with the communication devices they need to perform their jobs safely, effectively and efficiently. Contact us today for a free quote or with any questions about hospital walkie talkies.