Two Way Radios For Transportation

The transportation industry has been witnessing a surge in demand for shipments of medical equipment, food and domestic goods to meet the needs of hospitals, families and businesses that are deemed ‘essential services’. Now more than ever, truckers need high-quality, two way radios for transportation. According to the NY Times, shippers are facing huge challenges to ensure that they have the tools and capacity to meet the increased demand. The transportation industry has taken on new importance and tools such as digital transport two way radios have become a critical solution to keeping each point in the supply chain connected with wireless voice and data communications. Safety is issue number one for the transportation industry, and efficiently overcoming communications challenges with two way radios for trucks not only improves real-time decision-making but can also help drivers meet scheduled demands and increase their productivity. While the CB radio was the most popular way truckers communicated with each other before the 2000s, this technology has quickly been surpassed by digital two way radios, like for example the TLK100 because it can operate over longer distances than a traditional two way radio.

Digital Two Way Radios for Transportation

Two way radios for transportation with push to talk technology is cost-effective helping the trucking and logistics industries meet the high demand for goods that keep our country moving ahead. Digital two way radios provide an essential lifeline for couriers, LTL, long haul and intermodal carriers – keeping drivers safer and operations moving efficiently.

Constant Connection

Altech keeps your fleets connected with transportation and logistics two way radios that are built tough for demanding environments. A priority has been placed on clear, reliable communications with digital technology that puts the power of wireless communications in a mobile communications radio. The benefits to the trucking industry include:

  • Better Coordination – Consider truckers are moving through communities that have shut down many businesses that a trucker may need. Closed restaurants, shuttered motels and limited service at truck stops are just a few challenges facing today’s truckers. Two way radios allow truckers to pass along critical travel information that helps keep schedules and assist in the needs of truckers.
  • Better Safety – Push to talk mobile communications are easy to use, which means truckers can focus on the road ahead. Unlike the outdated technology that has tight limits on range, today’s wireless technology features wide-area radio coverage that is critical in emergencies and is available at the push of a button.
  • Better Customer Service – Your dispatch team members are in constant communication with truckers, which means better customer satisfaction. When dispatchers need to relay specific customer needs, push to talk, digital two way radios allow your staff to immediately alert drivers of schedule or location changes, weather emergencies and road situations that can affect delivery time and delivery quality.

Benefits of Two-Way Radios for Transportation

Two way radio communications can streamline operations in several important ways. Often, slowdowns are caused by miscommunications. It doesn’t take long for a tightly scheduled delivery to fall apart due to mixed messaging. With two way radios in reach, it provides a cost-effective way to keep shipments moving and truckers informed. Other benefits to logistics operations include:

  • Expect clear communications even in loud environments
  • Push to talk offers hands-free, safe operations
  • Choose two way radio models to fit your needs
  • Customize to fit your operations and workflows
  • Emergency notifications happen in real-time
  • Logistics can be more easily coordinated

Moving cargo has never been so important as it is today. Two way radios for transportation can help you get business done efficiently and quickly while reducing the impact of inclement weather and unexpected road conditions.

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Altech Electronics is positioned to be your communications partner with a wide range of advanced Motorola radio technologies, and we’re excited to find the best push to talk radio for transportation based on your needs. Expect seamless communications and the added safety that comes with hands-free operations when two way radios are paired with earpieces, headphones or Bluetooth headsets.