Two Way Radios In Security

Increase Confidence with Two Way Security Radios

In the world of security, you never know what you’ll be facing on any given day but you need to be prepared! Threats can range from an unauthorized entrance from someone with extremely bad intentions to someone who innocently wandered into a restricted area. Not every security situation requires immediate responses from a wide range of staff members, but you never know when something might occur that requires instant communication to enhance public safety. With security two way radios in hand, security professionals are able to quickly mobilize to respond to threats, accidents or disturbances.

Long-Range, Real-Time Communication

Motorola security radios use a SIM card and utilize the same network as Verizon cell phones. This effectively extends the reach dramatically beyond that of a traditional dispatch radio configuration. Plus, the push to talk functionality means that you will not experience a lag while phone circuits dial and connect. Instead, you’ll get immediate connections between individuals or groups in a fraction of the time required to look up and dial a traditional mobile phone. This makes the Motorola security radios almost a hybrid by having the best features of both mobile telephones and radio communication. Radios often serve as the linchpin of your security framework, allowing you to utilize a wide range of technical tools such as face and voice recognition, digital security strategies and more while linking together a cohesive communications framework with your advanced Motorola security radio network.

How Two Way Radios Enhance Security

Whether you’re working at an outdoor concert or in a correctional facility, having secure communication is a vital necessity for your security team. It’s too easy for communication access to mobile phones to be disrupted, simply because someone turned down their volume and wasn’t able to hear their phone ring. With two way radios, you can quickly push to talk to a single individual on your security detail or reach out to the entire security staff with a message at the same time. What might have taken several minutes to connect with individuals can be accomplished in a matter of seconds with Motorola security radios, which is critically important when you consider something like an active shooter situation.

Benefits of Motorola Security Radios

Of course, you could always outfit your security force with mobile telephones but there are plenty of downsides to going this route. Providing your dispatch team with an easy option for rallying the troops doesn’t always work well when you’re attempting to contact each person individually. With two way security radios, you are able to quickly and efficiently spread the word — and you can be confident that the message will be received and heard. Motorola security radios offer exceptional call clarity and additional features such as the ability to geolocate specific handsets with mobile app-supported GPS functionality. With these additional features, security staff are well-equipped to face any type of threat or challenge that is headed their way.

Support for Security Radios Businesses Can Trust

Maintaining security has never been more important, particularly when you consider how the world is changing. With two way radios, you will have the added peace of mind knowing that your staff can stay in contact whenever and wherever they need to. Every security firm faces its own unique demands. Don’t trust your communication needs with just anyone. At Altech Electronics, we work with you to finding the best solution for your communications needs. Be sure to contact the professionals at Altech Electronics at 718-266-7863 or via email to [email protected]. Our friendly and knowledgeable team has decades of experience with security two way radios and can provide recommendations and best practices to help keep your locations secure.