Two Way Radios In Construction

The Best Two Radios for Construction

Construction in a major city brings unique challenges, one of the most difficult is communication. There are often issues transmitting radio signals because of the concrete buildings and long distances. Traditional two way radios only have an effective reach of several miles, but it’s not unusual for teams to be separated by more than twice that distance and still need to communicate effectively. Finding construction two way radios that are rugged enough to withstand the challenging conditions on the job site while still providing clear communication can be difficult, but Motorola construction radios are up to the challenge.

Finding the Best Two Way Radios for Concrete Buildings

If you work in construction, you’re likely looking for the best two way radios for concrete buildings? Look no further than the Motorola TLK 100, which utilizes a SIM card to provide all of the benefits of a traditional two way radio system plus the benefits of a mobile phone. Without quick access to other team members, work can slow down rapidly as miscommunication or missed cues become the norm. Your teams need to coordinate closely to ensure that everyone stays safe and is able to make well-informed decisions throughout the day when there is rarely time to track someone down for face-to-face conversations.

With construction radios in hand, construction supervisors and teams can help alert each other to any potential delays or even dangers. Working inside a concrete building with a standard two way radio may make you feel as though you are completely cut off from civilization. With the enhanced communication options from Motorola, even the thickest concrete buildings are no match for the ready connections you’ll have with Motorola two way radios.

Benefits of Motorola Construction Radios

If you are currently using cell phones to communicate at the job site, you will quickly realize that there are some drawbacks to this method of communication. Instead of being able to key a single button and open a line of communication, cell phones require you to have someone else’s contact information, look that information up and then wait for the person to answer before you can share updates or other time-sensitive information. With construction two way radios, you simply toggle the button and this always-on line of communication provides immediate access to teams or individuals. When individuals are in a compromising situation, such as on the 40th floor of a building in the midst of construction, you want to be sure you’re providing the fastest and most convenient method of communication possible to ensure the safety of your teams.

Mobile phones are also notoriously fragile, with screens that can easily break or internal electronics that could be disrupted with an accidental hit against the side of a building. With construction radios, you’ve got access to a more ruggedized form factor that was built for the more extreme conditions that you would find on a construction site. These radios are able to remain operational even after some wear and tear, providing crisp and immediate communication over a longer period of time than you could expect with a less-expensive two way radio or a mobile phone.

Best Construction Two Way Radio Support in New Jersey Area

When you need to know that your Motorola two way radios are functional and fully supported, contact the experts at Altech Radio at 718-266-7863 or via email to [email protected]. We work with construction and property management companies of all sizes to ensure you have the correct configurations to meet your unique needs. For more than 20 years, the teams at Altech Radio have been supporting the New York and New Jersey area with proactive service, helping create a communications infrastructure that will keep your business moving forward smoothly.