Altech Radio Installation Services: An Overview

At Altech Electronics, we offer professional push-to-talk radio communication options for a range of industries including construction, education, government, healthcare, safety, and more. We focus on delivering reliable, effective communications and services with installation options that ensure your readiness to respond to any emergency.

Why Reliable Installation Matters!

At Altech, we support millions of safe two-way radio and telecommunication solutions across public and private buildings as well as airports, manufacturers, hospitals, schools, utilities, and even stadiums.

  • We install and service such a wide range of service areas and industries.
  • We’ve addressed emergency scenarios in every form.

We’re ideally positioned to support your unique products and installation requirements.

Why Reach & Support Is Important for Installation Services

You need the best two-way radios for your communication needs, as well as a provider who knows the system and can offer you service and support in emergencies and challenging environmental conditions. That’s why our installation services are essential for your two-way radios:

  • We’re dedicated to delivering products and applications for global public safety situations.
  • We innovate and lead our industry while offering the products and installation services you need for your business.
  • We’re your one-stop shop, with product recommendations, installation services, and safety solutions that will meet every requirement.

Our goal at Altech is to transform your industry’s radio communication into a real-time, proactive system.

Cutting Edge Solutions Available Today

Today, our solutions are cloud-based so you can access and control them from anywhere. These systems also offer analytics, video management, and video storage that further push the realm of what is possible forward.

  • Our comprehensive technology solutions allow us to install and seamlessly support the mission-critical communications devices you need.
  • We make sure our two-way radios are safe, reliable, and secure.

We know how important it is that your two-way radios support your efforts toward productivity and efficiency. 


  • At Altech, we support millions of safe telecommunication solutions across public and private buildings as well as airports, manufacturers, hospitals, schools, utilities, and even stadiums.
  • We innovate and lead our industry while offering the products and installation services you need for your business.
  • We’re your one-stop shop, with product recommendations, installation services, and safety solutions that will meet even those requirements you don’t yet know you have.

Installation Services You Can Count On

At Altech Electronics, we install and service your two-way radio solutions to ensure that they’re fully functional and meet your needs. Our premier communications solutions are highly effective and reliable. 

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Radio Repair and Services

When first responders need to communicate with each other, they turn to Motorola communications systems. Keeping these critical communications operating is an essential role for a Motorola-certified repair center. When disaster strikes, our first responders need to know they can communicate with each other during hurricanes, blizzards, man-made emergencies, and even terrorist attacks.

Motorola communications systems are also used in non-emergency situations. For instance, construction companies, schools, entertainment venues, hospitals, utility workers, and public works departments all depend on two-way radios to manage their daily workloads. Here at Altech Electronics, we install, repair, and provide technical support for Motorola communications systems in the greater tri-state area.

What To Expect From Our Repair Services

Exceptionally Quick Installation Services

Altech Electronics has over 50 years of experience and staffs a team of more than 25 expert technicians who install Motorola two-way radio systems. In addition to radios, Altech Electronics installs routers, lighting, sirens, antennas, and radio repeaters. Tri-state area first responders need reliable communications systems, and they depend on clean, technically stable installations. 

Friendly and Responsive Parts Depot Employees

There’s no need to waste time and money by ordering Motorola parts from online vendors. The Altech Electronics Parts Depot in Brooklyn, NY, carries a full range of radio and walkie-talkie parts in stock. Our responsive customer service team also delivers parts directly to your business or construction site so you can keep talking.

Managed Support Services 

Maintaining a well-tuned communication system requires a 24/7 effort. If your organization needs help monitoring and servicing your radio system, consider the Altech Electronics Managed Support Services:

  • Service Desk: Our help desk and technical support services handle the day-to-day activities. These services also include preventative maintenance, accidental damage, reports, and insights.
  • Monitoring and Management Services: This next level of service goes beyond routine maintenance and provides system monitoring, emergency operations, device programming, and predictive insights. Altech Electronics can act as your outsourced communications vendor.
  • Cybersecurity Services: Internet scams and hackers can compromise any computer system. First responders, hospitals, and construction companies are not immune to phishing emails, malware, and ransomware attacks. Our cybersecurity services begin with a risk assessment, provide round-the-clock monitoring and monitor best practices as the cybersecurity mat.

Repair Services You Can Trust

First responder communications systems take a lot of abuse. In-vehicle systems absorb tremendous shock, terrible weather, and hazardous conditions daily. From time to time, the Motorola communications systems need repair and replacement. The Altech Electronics repair team will assess the damage, repair the radios and replace the defective products if necessary. Altech is one of the few dealers to offer Motorola training, support, and repair services.

Key Takeaways

Ensuring that you stay fully in control of your communications requires having a trusted and reliable source for your electronic needs.

  • From malware and ransomware to phishing scams, your organization needs the proper tools to stay safe online.
  • Protecting your sensitive devices requires constant diligence from a trusted technology partner.
  • Electronics are a vital component of your success as a first responder.

Connect with Altech for All Your Electronics Needs

Altech Electronics is a Motorola Certified Service Center, and we specialize in Motorola systems. In addition to the standard installation, repair, and support services, Altech provides higher-quality managed services and support services.

To learn more about Altech Electronics, stop by our retail location at 22 McDonald Ave in Brooklyn, New York, visit our website, or call (718) 266-7863 to speak with one of our experienced services representatives.

How Altech Services Emergency Vehicle Lights

Emergency vehicles need to be seen, not just heard. Lights and sirens are important to improve safety for all emergency responders as they work to promote public safety, save lives and create order out of chaos.

Even with emergency lighting, there is no guarantee that officers, firefighters, EMTs and other first responders will be easily seen. This is especially true when professionals operate outside the safety of their vehicles. However, LED emergency vehicle lights do encourage other drivers on the road to slow down. This alone is an important first step toward improved safety for first responders.

How Does Altech Electronics Improve First Responder Safety?

Altech Electronics offers a wide range of solutions for police lights, EMT lights and other first responder needs, such as:

  • Lights and sirens installation
  • Internal and external antenna installation
  • Two-way radios systems and set up

We understand that safety is a primary concern. Our number one goal is to help you improve the safety of the people on your team, whether you work in the field of fire safety, law enforcement or emergency medical services.

What are the Purposes of Emergency Lighting on Vehicles?

It’s important to understand why LED emergency vehicle lights are so important for fire, EMS and police services. That way you understand why they are so vital to your emergency response operations.

The primary purpose, while driving, is to get the attention of other drivers so they know to yield to emergency vehicles. It is important and the lights can help people see these emergency vehicles long before they would otherwise.

The other reason they are so important is for moments when these vehicles are stationary and first responders are walking around to secure scenes or carry out their duties in other ways. The police light and other emergency lighting help to keep the scene well-lit to reduce the risks of people who are walking around being struck by vehicles.

Led emergency vehicle lights , police light , emergency lighting , lights and sirens

How Much Emergency Lighting Do Your Vehicles Need?

When it comes to emergency lighting, it isn’t about the lights so much as their installation. Lights installed by professionals are much more reliable and far less likely to cause night blindness to others on the road. Although it could be more cost-effective to try to install these lights on your own, it is not worth the risk of having the lights not turn on or be too dim at the time they are needed. 

One of the challenges is that every state has its own specific requirements for lighting emergency vehicles. Some states allow some leeway or latitude for lighting as long as the minimum specific state requirements are met. LED emergency vehicle lights are easier to see than many of the old lighting standards and that makes them an attractive option for all who are interested in promoting public and first responder safety.


  • Lights and sirens are important safety tools for first responders.
  • Emergency lighting is vital for first responders on the go and on the ground.
  • Properly installed safety lights are less likely to cause night blindness among other drivers.

Don’t trust something as important for public safety as LED emergency vehicle lights for your first responder vehicles to just anyone. Work with professionals who are trained and prepared to install your lights for you.

Call on Altech Electronics today to learn more about our emergency lighting installation services and so we can work together to assess your needs and identify the lights that will meet them best. Whether you’re looking for a police light, fire truck lighting or ambulance lights we can help you get the lights you need for a price that’s right.


3 Key Benefits of Professional Motorola Radio Programming

Most computers and mobile phones are plug-and-play. Once you’re powered up, they’re ready to be used. So, you might expect that all electronics are so simple to install and start using that you don’t need professional services. While some items can be straightforward, two way radio programming can have added layers of complexity far beyond the comfort level of most individuals. As your business expands, you may find that you need additional two way radios to support the needs of your operations. The radios you already have still function perfectly, so the logical choice is to simply add a few more handsets to your current configuration. Unfortunately, you might find that the process of programming your radios to work together is more complex than you imagined.

Beware of “Low Cost” Radio Providers

When looking to add more radios to your force – you may be tempted to find the least expensive Motorola two way radios, but it’s important to consider what is included in that price. Are you truly getting the best deal by purchasing from a retailer that doesn’t include any type of services after the sale, such as two way radio programming? You may a few dollars per radio with your purchase only to find yourself paying double your savings when you need programming support from local two way radio programming professionals. These so-called “low cost” providers can actually end up costing you more. Without professional installation, the radios that are not going to work for your unique needs.

motorola radio programming, two way radio programming, motorola sl300 programming software, 2 way radio programming

Benefits of Professional Motorola Radio Programming

Purchasing new two way radios is a fantastic way to assure that your teams are communicating effectively in the field, providing a diverse option for always-on communication that can clear up operational backlogs and reduce frustration. Maintaining radios once they are programmed is straightforward, and can be performed by individuals with a range of talents and abilities but bringing these tools online for the first time might be more challenging than you realize. Here are three of the key reasons to work with a professional for your Motorola radio programming.

1. Radios are not plug-and-play like phones or computers. They require additional programming software, which is not widely available for individuals that are not in the business of servicing radios. While you can purchase the cabling and software, it can be expensive and will not be needed on an ongoing basis.

2. Radios not only require special software, but there are also unique cables that are needed before you can link the radios for programming. Radios are based on technology which requires additional steps before the radios are ready for full-time operation.

3. You need to know that your radios are compatible before making a purchase. Some older radios may not be compatible with updated programming, which might require an upgrade of all radios as opposed to simply adding a few handsets.

Checking with the professionals at Altech Electronics for configuration support and programming will help you avoid some of these costly mistakes.

motorola radio programming, two way radio programming, motorola sl300 programming software, 2 way radio programming


  • Adding or reconfiguring radios often requires additional programming
  • Motorola SL300 programming software and other two way radio programming software are not readily available online
  • Avoid any “low cost” two way radio purchase – while you may save money initially, the programming and installation will eat up any savings, costing more than if you had gone with the professionals. These low cost two way radios may not meet the needs of your business, so consulting a professional is the most cost-effective.

Getting your Motorola SL300 programming software or other two way ready for action doesn’t have to be a massive challenge. When you work with the professionals at Altech Electronics, you will quickly see the value of purchasing your radio and accessories from our team. We will work with you to understand your business needs and make recommendations for the best configurations. We are also able to quickly integrate the various pieces of technology and be sure that your radios are well-tuned and working together effectively. Our team has access to the correct software and training that will have your organization getting great value from your new two way radios in no time. Contact our Altech Electronics team at 718-266-7863 or via email to [email protected] to learn more about staying connected with the power of Motorola digital radios.

Do I Need Professional Portable Radio Repair?

Many, if not most, major corporations, public utilities, and public safety organizations use portable two-way radios. Whether these are mounted in a vehicle or handheld radios that are carried by personnel– two-way radio repairs are important to the mission-critical functions of everyday business. This makes handheld radio repair from factory-trained repair technicians necessary when repairing new or original parts of a two-way radio. 

motorola radio repair

What’s great about most two way radio systems is, the technology has been around for a long time and the function and durability of these devices are the driving factors when it comes to quality assurance. That means they are durable, have long-lasting batteries, and can take a lot of abuse. The downside to their durability is, we tend to take for granted that they will keep working forever. These important pieces of communications equipment can potentially take us by surprise when they suddenly stop working. A professional radio mechanic , Motorola radio repair center will take care of these situations when they arise. Handling these repairs is what a two way radio mechanic does. 

So what do we do when we find ourselves in need of portable radio repair? More importantly, how can we prevent our portable radios from breaking down unexpectedly, leaving our teams in the lurch?

The Difference Between Portable and Mobile Radios

The two types of commercial two way radios; “portable” and “mobile” are often confused. This is because the two words mean the same thing in most contexts. But in the two way radio industry, a portable radio is one that is carried by a person and a mobile radio is mounted and stabilized inside a vehicle.

How Often Should Mobile and Portable Motorola Radios be Repaired?

For the average two way radio system, units should have their batteries replaced every two and a half to three years. In most cases, this is where companies run into trouble with their two way radio systems. More often than not, departments looking to save time and money will go online and buy the first battery they see that looks like the battery they have been tasked to replace.

Knock off batteries tend to be of lower quality and can even be defective and damage the radios they are used in. What’s more, using knock off or no-name batteries can void a warranty. It can also remove any opportunity to obtain professional-grade service and parts replacement by a reputable source, like Altech Electronics.  One of the advantages of today’s best commercial two way radios is that high-quality batteries last long enough to establish a reasonable timeline on which to base your maintenance schedule.

motorola radio repair

What Two Way Radio Components are Replaced Most Often?

As mentioned above, two-way radio technology has come a long way over the years- perhaps owing to its military origins, even though two-way radios are no longer just military portable radios. But the parts of these devices that break most are not the delicate internal components. Rather, it is the external grip surfaces and other protruding elements of the exterior. The most common replacement parts are the clip with the holster, the antenna, and the battery.

When it comes to replacing and servicing your radio, trust the pros at Altech Electronics. 

Altech specializes in Motorola portable radio repair. For example, Benton Dixon called Altech to service their 135 radios, four repeaters and combiner on their New Jersey campus. For years, their radios weren’t working properly. They called the company they ordered from who came out to fix them but didn’t deliver results for some reason. Then they called Altech and as it turned out, their antennas were broken at the base from rough use. Now, their radios are working better than ever.

Mobile Radio Repair Takeaways

  • Portable radios work best with factory-matched batteries
  • External components are far more vulnerable than well-protected internal components
  • Altech repair professionals look at the whole radio, not just the insides

If your organization depends heavily on well-functioning two-way radios, get in touch with the pros at our walke talkie repair shop when it comes time for Motorola two way radio repairs. Our mobile radio repair mechanics can fix your radios at our location or fix them at our our two way radio repair center