How Altech Services Emergency Vehicle Lights

Emergency vehicles need to be seen, not just heard. Lights and sirens are important to improve safety for all emergency responders as they work to promote public safety, save lives and create order out of chaos.

Even with emergency lighting, there is no guarantee that officers, firefighters, EMTs and other first responders will be easily seen. This is especially true when professionals operate outside the safety of their vehicles. However, LED emergency vehicle lights do encourage other drivers on the road to slow down. This alone is an important first step toward improved safety for first responders.

How Does Altech Electronics Improve First Responder Safety?

Altech Electronics offers a wide range of solutions for police lights, EMT lights and other first responder needs, such as:

  • Lights and sirens installation
  • Internal and external antenna installation
  • Two-way radios systems and set up

We understand that safety is a primary concern. Our number one goal is to help you improve the safety of the people on your team, whether you work in the field of fire safety, law enforcement or emergency medical services.

What are the Purposes of Emergency Lighting on Vehicles?

It’s important to understand why LED emergency vehicle lights are so important for fire, EMS and police services. That way you understand why they are so vital to your emergency response operations.

The primary purpose, while driving, is to get the attention of other drivers so they know to yield to emergency vehicles. It is important and the lights can help people see these emergency vehicles long before they would otherwise.

The other reason they are so important is for moments when these vehicles are stationary and first responders are walking around to secure scenes or carry out their duties in other ways. The police light and other emergency lighting help to keep the scene well-lit to reduce the risks of people who are walking around being struck by vehicles.

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How Much Emergency Lighting Do Your Vehicles Need?

When it comes to emergency lighting, it isn’t about the lights so much as their installation. Lights installed by professionals are much more reliable and far less likely to cause night blindness to others on the road. Although it could be more cost-effective to try to install these lights on your own, it is not worth the risk of having the lights not turn on or be too dim at the time they are needed. 

One of the challenges is that every state has its own specific requirements for lighting emergency vehicles. Some states allow some leeway or latitude for lighting as long as the minimum specific state requirements are met. LED emergency vehicle lights are easier to see than many of the old lighting standards and that makes them an attractive option for all who are interested in promoting public and first responder safety.


  • Lights and sirens are important safety tools for first responders.
  • Emergency lighting is vital for first responders on the go and on the ground.
  • Properly installed safety lights are less likely to cause night blindness among other drivers.

Don’t trust something as important for public safety as LED emergency vehicle lights for your first responder vehicles to just anyone. Work with professionals who are trained and prepared to install your lights for you.

Call on Altech Electronics today to learn more about our emergency lighting installation services and so we can work together to assess your needs and identify the lights that will meet them best. Whether you’re looking for a police light, fire truck lighting or ambulance lights we can help you get the lights you need for a price that’s right.