Why You Should Get Your Radio Repaired at Altech

Using a radio is a highly cost-effective communication solution. Although these radios are durable and easy to maintain, sometimes accidents happen, and they’ll need to get repaired. In those instances, you should go above and beyond to get it fixed by a professional like Altech Electronics! With that in mind, here is an overview of why you should get your radio repaired at Altech.

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Benefits of Getting Your Radio Repaired at Altech

If you own a Motorola two-way radio that requires repair services, here’s why you should go to Altech: 

  • 50 Years of Experience: One of the top reasons to entrust Altech with your radio repair needs is that we have over 50 years of experience. Our team is highly knowledgeable about the activation, installation, and repair of two-way radios. 
  • In-House or Remote Services: Additionally, we can service your radio in-house or at your chosen location. So, if you need your radio repaired but are unable to leave your site, we can often deploy a qualified team member who can help. Alternatively, if you are strapped for time and wish to get your radio serviced at our store, we can schedule an appointment to allow us to assess the issues.
  • Custom Consoles: Given that many businesses are using two-way radios as one of their primary methods of communication, custom consoles are necessary. Here at Altech, we are skilled at creating custom consoles to suit each business’s unique needs.
  • Lots of Accessories: Lastly, we offer lots of accessories to ensure that you are getting the most out of your radio service. So, once you have your radio serviced, you may also be advised on the various accessories available that may make your radio more effective.

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Key Takeaways:

  • More and more companies are using two-way radios as their primary method of communication.
  • Two-way radios are cost-effective, durable, and easy to maintain.
  • The benefits of having your two-way radio repaired by us are that you can get a custom console, in-house and remote services, and more.

Need Your Two-Way Radio Repaired?

Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality two-way radio repair service, we’re here to help. Here at Altech Electronics, we utilize our 50+ years of experience to offer speedy repair services to customers and companies from all walks of life. Our experts can offer suggestions for the proper accessories to help improve the functionality of your two-way radios. Contact us today for a quote and more information.

Radio Repair and Services

When first responders need to communicate with each other, they turn to Motorola communications systems. Keeping these critical communications operating is an essential role for a Motorola-certified repair center. When disaster strikes, our first responders need to know they can communicate with each other during hurricanes, blizzards, man-made emergencies, and even terrorist attacks.

Motorola communications systems are also used in non-emergency situations. For instance, construction companies, schools, entertainment venues, hospitals, utility workers, and public works departments all depend on two-way radios to manage their daily workloads. Here at Altech Electronics, we install, repair, and provide technical support for Motorola communications systems in the greater tri-state area.

What To Expect From Our Repair Services

Exceptionally Quick Installation Services

Altech Electronics has over 50 years of experience and staffs a team of more than 25 expert technicians who install Motorola two-way radio systems. In addition to radios, Altech Electronics installs routers, lighting, sirens, antennas, and radio repeaters. Tri-state area first responders need reliable communications systems, and they depend on clean, technically stable installations. 

Friendly and Responsive Parts Depot Employees

There’s no need to waste time and money by ordering Motorola parts from online vendors. The Altech Electronics Parts Depot in Brooklyn, NY, carries a full range of radio and walkie-talkie parts in stock. Our responsive customer service team also delivers parts directly to your business or construction site so you can keep talking.

Managed Support Services 

Maintaining a well-tuned communication system requires a 24/7 effort. If your organization needs help monitoring and servicing your radio system, consider the Altech Electronics Managed Support Services:

  • Service Desk: Our help desk and technical support services handle the day-to-day activities. These services also include preventative maintenance, accidental damage, reports, and insights.
  • Monitoring and Management Services: This next level of service goes beyond routine maintenance and provides system monitoring, emergency operations, device programming, and predictive insights. Altech Electronics can act as your outsourced communications vendor.
  • Cybersecurity Services: Internet scams and hackers can compromise any computer system. First responders, hospitals, and construction companies are not immune to phishing emails, malware, and ransomware attacks. Our cybersecurity services begin with a risk assessment, provide round-the-clock monitoring and monitor best practices as the cybersecurity mat.

Repair Services You Can Trust

First responder communications systems take a lot of abuse. In-vehicle systems absorb tremendous shock, terrible weather, and hazardous conditions daily. From time to time, the Motorola communications systems need repair and replacement. The Altech Electronics repair team will assess the damage, repair the radios and replace the defective products if necessary. Altech is one of the few dealers to offer Motorola training, support, and repair services.

Key Takeaways

Ensuring that you stay fully in control of your communications requires having a trusted and reliable source for your electronic needs.

  • From malware and ransomware to phishing scams, your organization needs the proper tools to stay safe online.
  • Protecting your sensitive devices requires constant diligence from a trusted technology partner.
  • Electronics are a vital component of your success as a first responder.

Connect with Altech for All Your Electronics Needs

Altech Electronics is a Motorola Certified Service Center, and we specialize in Motorola systems. In addition to the standard installation, repair, and support services, Altech provides higher-quality managed services and support services.

To learn more about Altech Electronics, stop by our retail location at 22 McDonald Ave in Brooklyn, New York, visit our website, or call (718) 266-7863 to speak with one of our experienced services representatives.

Do I Need Professional Portable Radio Repair?

Many, if not most, major corporations, public utilities, and public safety organizations use portable two-way radios. Whether these are mounted in a vehicle or handheld radios that are carried by personnel– two-way radio repairs are important to the mission-critical functions of everyday business. This makes handheld radio repair from factory-trained repair technicians necessary when repairing new or original parts of a two-way radio. 

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What’s great about most two way radio systems is, the technology has been around for a long time and the function and durability of these devices are the driving factors when it comes to quality assurance. That means they are durable, have long-lasting batteries, and can take a lot of abuse. The downside to their durability is, we tend to take for granted that they will keep working forever. These important pieces of communications equipment can potentially take us by surprise when they suddenly stop working. A professional radio mechanic , Motorola radio repair center will take care of these situations when they arise. Handling these repairs is what a two way radio mechanic does. 

So what do we do when we find ourselves in need of portable radio repair? More importantly, how can we prevent our portable radios from breaking down unexpectedly, leaving our teams in the lurch?

The Difference Between Portable and Mobile Radios

The two types of commercial two way radios; “portable” and “mobile” are often confused. This is because the two words mean the same thing in most contexts. But in the two way radio industry, a portable radio is one that is carried by a person and a mobile radio is mounted and stabilized inside a vehicle.

How Often Should Mobile and Portable Motorola Radios be Repaired?

For the average two way radio system, units should have their batteries replaced every two and a half to three years. In most cases, this is where companies run into trouble with their two way radio systems. More often than not, departments looking to save time and money will go online and buy the first battery they see that looks like the battery they have been tasked to replace.

Knock off batteries tend to be of lower quality and can even be defective and damage the radios they are used in. What’s more, using knock off or no-name batteries can void a warranty. It can also remove any opportunity to obtain professional-grade service and parts replacement by a reputable source, like Altech Electronics.  One of the advantages of today’s best commercial two way radios is that high-quality batteries last long enough to establish a reasonable timeline on which to base your maintenance schedule.

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What Two Way Radio Components are Replaced Most Often?

As mentioned above, two-way radio technology has come a long way over the years- perhaps owing to its military origins, even though two-way radios are no longer just military portable radios. But the parts of these devices that break most are not the delicate internal components. Rather, it is the external grip surfaces and other protruding elements of the exterior. The most common replacement parts are the clip with the holster, the antenna, and the battery.

When it comes to replacing and servicing your radio, trust the pros at Altech Electronics. 

Altech specializes in Motorola portable radio repair. For example, Benton Dixon called Altech to service their 135 radios, four repeaters and combiner on their New Jersey campus. For years, their radios weren’t working properly. They called the company they ordered from who came out to fix them but didn’t deliver results for some reason. Then they called Altech and as it turned out, their antennas were broken at the base from rough use. Now, their radios are working better than ever.

Mobile Radio Repair Takeaways

  • Portable radios work best with factory-matched batteries
  • External components are far more vulnerable than well-protected internal components
  • Altech repair professionals look at the whole radio, not just the insides

If your organization depends heavily on well-functioning two-way radios, get in touch with the pros at our walke talkie repair shop when it comes time for Motorola two way radio repairs. Our mobile radio repair mechanics can fix your radios at our location or fix them at our our two way radio repair center