How Motorola is Creating an Integrated Ecosystem with Safety Reimagined

Motorola safe solutions support unifying data and voice, along with analytics and video in an integrated platform. When you buy security equipment separately, it doesn’t tend to work cohesively together, and that is what Motorola is looking to change. With Motorola safety reimagined all of your security equipment needs are combined to work cohesively as one perfect ecosystem. Motorola Solutions supports your collaborative needs whether you’re a business, individual, or community. It’s just part of the Motorola services/products Altech Electronics provides to their customers. Our goal is to create solutions that unify technology and address industry challenges both now and in the future.

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Why is Motorola’s Integrated Ecosystem Important?

At Altech, we believe that safety, efficiency, and productivity are deeply interrelated which is why we’re proud to offer the integrated Motorola ecosystem that allows you to focus on what matters, with actionable results. It’s a technology designed to support a safer world, with access-control and cloud-based technology unified on a single platform for analytics, data, video, and voice. 

Industry-Specific Case: Schools

To dive deeper into how the Motorola safety reimagined ecosystem works, let’s look at an industry-specific case study of schools. 

Safety has long been a priority for schools, from fire and tornado drills to today’s school shooter preparedness drills. With Motorola’s Safe Schools integrated ecosystem we are able to address everyday concerns as well as emerging situations through four pillars – Detect, Analyze, Communicate, and Respond.

Detection Solutions

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  • License Plate Recognition: This ensures that everyone in the school is license plate protected. Upon entering the school campus a camera will scan the license plate, and if it is approved, the gate will open. 
  • Radio Alert: Receive video analytics and access control alerts directly to your two-way radio via text message.
  • Access Control: This allows staff and students to get in and out of doors by scanning their IDs or badges.

Analytic Solutions

  • Identity Search: The camera will remember what people are wearing, for instance, a white shirt, blue jeans, etc. 
  • Unusual Motion and Activity: If the camera picks up any unusual motion or activity a mass notification will go out to staff.

Communication Solutions

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  • Dispatch Software: In the event of an emergency dispatch software will instantly notify the police and allow them to connect in real-time.

Response Solutions

  • Mass Notification: The second one of the cameras notices a person or license plate that doesn’t match their databases, a mass notification is sent out to staff. 
  • Ally Incident Reporting: This will allow to track, report, and store every detail about the incident as part of the standard communication and workflow, and is accessible from web-enabled devices. 

By using Motorola’s safe schools’ integrated ecosystem, mission-critical situations can be solved in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours with a system that doesn’t work cohesively. If you are interested in learning more about industry-specific cases, take a look at our cases for stadiums, hospitals, airports, utilities, and manufacturing

Entrust Altech Electronics: A Motorola Distributor and Installer

Altech Electronics is an authorized Motorola dealer, distributor, and installer in New York City. At Altech, we support millions of Motorola safe solutions deployed across public and private buildings as well as airports, hospitals, manufacturers, schools, stadiums, and utilities. We offer safe and secure Motorola solutions products.

Key Takeaways:

  • Safety reimagined is designed to support a safer world, with access-control and cloud-based technology unified on a single platform for analytics, data, video, and voice to create an integrated ecosystem.
  • Something about schools
  • Altech is an authorized Motorola dealer, distributor, and installer in New York City. 

Start Implementing Safety Reimagined Today 

Our goal at Altech is to transform Motorola safe solutions to more real-time, proactive systems that are cloud-based, with options for analytics, video management, and video storage. Altech’s technological solutions support mission-critical safe and secure communications technologies to ensure productivity and efficiency.

Your safety is one of the most important considerations, but you also need to be able to trust that the solution is the best-integrated ecosystem for your company’s needs. Altech Electronics offers the services you need to support your safety requirements.

Motorola solutions products are designed to ensure that your operations are cost-effective, productive, and safe. We consult with you to determine the customized Motorola safe solutions that will best meet your needs. Contact us today!

Radio Repair and Services

When first responders need to communicate with each other, they turn to Motorola communications systems. Keeping these critical communications operating is an essential role for a Motorola-certified repair center. When disaster strikes, our first responders need to know they can communicate with each other during hurricanes, blizzards, man-made emergencies, and even terrorist attacks.

Motorola communications systems are also used in non-emergency situations. For instance, construction companies, schools, entertainment venues, hospitals, utility workers, and public works departments all depend on two-way radios to manage their daily workloads. Here at Altech Electronics, we install, repair, and provide technical support for Motorola communications systems in the greater tri-state area.

What To Expect From Our Repair Services

Exceptionally Quick Installation Services

Altech Electronics has over 50 years of experience and staffs a team of more than 25 expert technicians who install Motorola two-way radio systems. In addition to radios, Altech Electronics installs routers, lighting, sirens, antennas, and radio repeaters. Tri-state area first responders need reliable communications systems, and they depend on clean, technically stable installations. 

Friendly and Responsive Parts Depot Employees

There’s no need to waste time and money by ordering Motorola parts from online vendors. The Altech Electronics Parts Depot in Brooklyn, NY, carries a full range of radio and walkie-talkie parts in stock. Our responsive customer service team also delivers parts directly to your business or construction site so you can keep talking.

Managed Support Services 

Maintaining a well-tuned communication system requires a 24/7 effort. If your organization needs help monitoring and servicing your radio system, consider the Altech Electronics Managed Support Services:

  • Service Desk: Our help desk and technical support services handle the day-to-day activities. These services also include preventative maintenance, accidental damage, reports, and insights.
  • Monitoring and Management Services: This next level of service goes beyond routine maintenance and provides system monitoring, emergency operations, device programming, and predictive insights. Altech Electronics can act as your outsourced communications vendor.
  • Cybersecurity Services: Internet scams and hackers can compromise any computer system. First responders, hospitals, and construction companies are not immune to phishing emails, malware, and ransomware attacks. Our cybersecurity services begin with a risk assessment, provide round-the-clock monitoring and monitor best practices as the cybersecurity mat.

Repair Services You Can Trust

First responder communications systems take a lot of abuse. In-vehicle systems absorb tremendous shock, terrible weather, and hazardous conditions daily. From time to time, the Motorola communications systems need repair and replacement. The Altech Electronics repair team will assess the damage, repair the radios and replace the defective products if necessary. Altech is one of the few dealers to offer Motorola training, support, and repair services.

Key Takeaways

Ensuring that you stay fully in control of your communications requires having a trusted and reliable source for your electronic needs.

  • From malware and ransomware to phishing scams, your organization needs the proper tools to stay safe online.
  • Protecting your sensitive devices requires constant diligence from a trusted technology partner.
  • Electronics are a vital component of your success as a first responder.

Connect with Altech for All Your Electronics Needs

Altech Electronics is a Motorola Certified Service Center, and we specialize in Motorola systems. In addition to the standard installation, repair, and support services, Altech provides higher-quality managed services and support services.

To learn more about Altech Electronics, stop by our retail location at 22 McDonald Ave in Brooklyn, New York, visit our website, or call (718) 266-7863 to speak with one of our experienced services representatives.