Misconceptions of Switching to Two Way Radios

If your organization’s success relies on fast, dependable communication, your team could benefit from the advances two-way radio technology has experienced over the last decade. While businesses have depended on push-to-talk radios for security in the past because of their durability and reliability, today’s technological advances – the leap from analog to digital brings more options, flexibility, and features to the communications table.

Whether your company is exploring different communication options, are updating your present infrastructure due to new communication styles because of COVID-19, or are considering analog to digital migration, you may be hesitant to make a move. To find out why it makes business sense to switch now, here are some of the misconceptions about making the analog migration.

Is Two-Way Radio a Dying Technology?

Now that everyone has a smartphone, it might seem difficult to understand why two-way technology is superior for different applications and industries. There is a reason ambulances, garbage trucks, law enforcement, construction and security personnel continue to rely on two-way radios rather than smart devices. Two-way radios are more reliable and much faster than a traditional cell phone. Picture an emergency situation, Joe is new to the team and didn’t get everyone’s cell phone number. He’s completely unable to alert his team. With two-way radios, he’s able to inform everyone quickly at the push of a button. Digital two-way radios empower team communications in real-time with the push of a button in a way that analog two-way radios and smartphones can’t. Right now, digital two-way radios are an effective solution for social distancing industry requirements – your team members can have instant communication while keeping themselves safe and your business running smoothly.

Aren’t Smartphones the Best Communications Option?

Smartphones may offer some of the best applications and features for everyday consumer use, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best tool for the job for many businesses. The same digital technology powering our smart devices has been combined with the reliability of push-to-talk digital radios. Smartphones are generally less reliable with their coverage, have a shorter battery life, can be dangerous to use in some work environments, are less secure than two-way digital radio, and are often more expensive. Digital technology allows your company’s team members to communicate across networks through PCs, landlines, and multiple smart devices from various locations for:

  • Personnel Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Alarm Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Dispatch Console
  • Email/Text Gateway

Don’t Two-Way Radios Have Poor Sound Quality?

Analog radios are reliable radios that feature intelligent audio and background noise-cancellation, however they are limited in the distance of use. On the other hand, digital two-way radios benefit from the same sound quality but with a further distance of use.

Aren’t Two-Way Digital Radios Expensive?

When your organization focuses on upgrading your communications systems, the cost is often the leading consideration. However, investment in digital two-way radio is often a more efficient and cost-effective option than other communication technologies. Two way radios have an estimated lifespan of five to seven years, have a longer battery life, and yet offer the features your business needs. Additionally, digital two-way radios can double your existing 12.5 kHz channel immediately, reducing licensing costs, increasing your currently licensed spectrum’s flexibility, while lowering your bandwidth imprint and costs. When investing in a two-way radio, be sure it is not a grey market radio, as that will be more expensive in the long run.

Isn’t Analog to Digital Migration Hard?

While it might seem like a complex process, switching from analog to digital radios is easy. You can proceed in stages – no need to rip out and replace everything at once. You can also integrate the use of your existing analog units with your new digital units and use them simultaneously. You get to decide when you transition your entire team, a business department, or even just one person. This flexibility allows you to determine the pace of your migration.


In short digital two-way radios are:

  • An advanced communication technology that offers many benefits
  • Better than smartphones for communication for some industries and applications
  • Offer great sound quality
  • A cost-efficient communication system that lasts
  • Easy to implement to at your own speed

If you have questions about how the switch to digital two-way radio will enhance your organization’s communication and efficiency, give us a call today at Altech Electronics. We’re your go-to source for advanced radio communications systems from Motorola Solutions in New York City, NJ, Long Island and Westchester County areas.

Social Distancing and How Two Way Radios Help

In the face of one of the most disruptive emergency events this world has ever seen, businesses are struggling to adjust to a new normal. The new environment means firms are having to incur new expenses, such as PPE and other protective materials. Companies must also do their best to ensure that they are creating a work environment that is conducive to social distancing. With that in mind, the following is a closer look at how push-to-talk radios can help with social distancing.

Continuous Communication

One of the best ways push-to-talk radios can help promote social distancing is that they provide companies with continuous communication. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused various problems for people and businesses of all kinds; this has resulted in multiple interruptions in communication. The change away from face to face contact has resulted in other forms of communication, which can include video meetings and frequent emails. However, those other methods do not provide immediate contact. If someone is without the internet and you don’t have their cell number, you won’t be able to reach them. However, by purchasing push-to-talk radios, you will ensure that you have a safe and reliable way to remain in contact with your team, no matter what happens.

Contact-Free Communication

Businesses of all kinds require people from various departments and locations to communicate with each other throughout the day. In the recent past, communication could take place by traveling to the department or area in which the person works, to have the conversation. However, that is now impossible and dangerous to do with social distancing laws. Using push-to-talk radios will allow you and your employees to have a direct line to one another that helps each person to remain in their own designated areas. This makes these radios ideal for companies of all sizes who have employees who collaborate with each other in other departments or other locations.

Fast, Reliable Communication

Cell phone communications can often be more complicated than we need them to be. For instance, phones die quickly and if someone doesn’t have their phone available, they will miss the message. Additionally, they can often go to voicemail if there are too many people calling at once or something is disrupting your service. If you or the other party are don’t have reception, you have to deal with unclear voice calls, video calls or messages. This can cause a large amount of damage during an emergency situation. However, by using push-to-talk radios, you will be able to have much more precise and consistent communication. You also don’t have to worry about bad reception or a poor battery life.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have to find new and efficient ways to ensure continuous communication with their employees.
  • Using push-to-talk radios allows companies to maintain communication throughout the day, thanks to the battery life and unbeatable reception. 
  • Push-to-talk radios are one of the fastest and most reliable methods of communicating in the workplace.

Overall, if you are seeking the best methods of allowing your employees to stay in contact with you and one another, push-to-talk radios are one of your best options. No matter if you are running an office, construction site, or anything in between, using push-to-talk radios is one of the most cost-effective methods of keeping track of your staff while adhering to social distancing restrictions. If you need more information about purchasing push-to-talk radios and packages for your company, feel free to contact your friends at Altech Electronics today.

How to Spot A Grey Market Two Way Radio

When shopping for a radio, you may encounter an item at a lower cost and wonder why it has such a fantastic deal associated with it. Sure, words such as “sale,” “savings,” and “discounted” all sound appealing, but there’s usually a catch to the fantastic discount, and you may not realize why until it’s too late.

Authorized Dealers

Knowing why some items are cheaper than others is incredibly important given the communication needs of a radio system. Let’s say one radio is running for $500 at an authorized retailer and $300 at a retailer who isn’t authorized. So what’s an authorized dealer? Well, an authorized retailer is known as a seller or retailer who has been allowed by the manufacturer to sell a certain product they create. Shopping at an authorized dealer means you’ll be receiving a legitimate brand name radio. Beware, there faux branded two way radios that look just like the brand radio – but they definitely aren’t. 

How To Spot A Grey Market Radio

Grey market radios do their best to conceal their true identity. To find if your radio is authentic or not, you’ll have to open up the radio and take out the battery. From here, you’ll need to read up on the trademarks. Since a company cannot legally advertise another company’s name on the grey market radio. It might look the same, but the company that made the product will list their information on the trademark. From here, you’ll realize that the product you’re holding is not a Motorola product, but an off-brand knockoff.

Why People Settle for Less

Some people do this because they want cheaper products. They don’t see the value of paying for brand name radios, which ironically end up costing more in the long run. With a gray market radio, you are not covered if it fails to perform or breaks, meaning you’ll have to purchase a new radio. If you had opted for a name brand, you would be covered under their warranty. Another reason why people will settle for a grey market radio is that they don’t know they’re purchasing a fraud. Sure, it may look like a name brand, but the trademark information says otherwise.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Less

Buying the lowest costing radio sure sounds appealing, but using the product for the long run usually doesn’t offer such a great story. When purchasing a radio for a lower price, there’s no guarantee that it will perform when it’s needed most. Since a two-way radio typically has a security and safety-related purpose, this open window of failure can be very costly. Buying a brand name item (with a trademark inside) assures you it will perform when needed and saves you money in the long run. 

Do You Really Want Cheaper?

Cutting corners or issuing leftovers to save a buck can, unfortunately, be common practice in business. However, it’s worth mentioning that even if the grey market item works, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will last long term. Chances are one will spend more money issuing replacements than they would from directly buying an item from an authorized dealer or trademarked brand. In addition to this, an authorized dealer or trademarked product will have a warranty, which will catch you in the event the product fails to perform correctly.


  • Grey markets radios are knock-off versions of trusted brands.
  • To spot a grey market radio, you must remove the battery to view the trademark.
  • There is no guarantee that these radios will perform when needed. 
  • In the long run, these fake radios will cost you more money.


Considering the information above, spending the extra money on a trademarked product or through an authorized retailer is absolutely worth it in comparison to a grey market item. Thankfully, Altech Radio is an authorized retailer for two-way radios to ensure that the product holds up and has your back in the event it doesn’t. Contact us today for further information regarding our product so your project can move without a hitch.

How to Choose a Two Way Radio

Two-way radios are one of the most effective, fastest and most reliable methods of communications. During power or mobile tower outages, these handy devices work when nothing else will. For all first responders, safety offers and other essential workers, communication vital to maintaining safety. The ability to exchange information quickly and clearly is key. As New York and New Jersey open up, your business depends on the proper conveyance of instructions, orders and concerns.

How Will a Two Way Radio Help My Business?

Most businesses in the New York area are vertical – meaning you enter a tall building to ride an elevator up to the floor where your company resides. Even though building owners are opening their doors, there is still the need to keep everyone safe and enforce 6 feet of social distancing. Businesses do not want to be held liable for someone getting sick after coming into their building. In these cases, walkie talkies can be used from one floor to another to alert others of arriving guests or employees and not exceed the state-required capacity. Building personnel can also use two way radios to monitor the number of people getting into elevators and unloading at each floor to ensure the safety of all. Also, in emergencies, such as an accident or a spill, communication needs to happen quickly to minimize injuries and damage. Staying in contact for security reasons is another essential reason to look at two way radios.

Using walkie talkies have traditionally been the answer for emergency personnel, education, retail, manufacturing, mining and oil, security, restaurants, medical offices and more. Now more than ever, this new world we live in requires an easy operation, long battery life, all in an inexpensive, quick way to communicate.

The Best Two Way Radio For Businesses

While it may be obvious how walkie talkies can help your business, you may be overwhelmed by the choices and features available. To make an informed and educated decision, here are some questions to ask yourself about your company needs:

  • How much range will I need? The range of communication varies depending on the model. There are long-range two-way radios but if you don’t need that, better to spend your money on other features. However, be aware that you may need more range than you expect.
  • Who will use the two way radios? If the radios are being used in the field where dust, dirt or wet conditions exist, make sure you choose a model that will withstand that. Durability is one of the benefits of walkie talkies, they’re much sturdier and can withstand dropping and other use better than cell phones. Warehouse operations, schools and retail stores typically have hard floors, dropping your radio here, it’s built to be okay. Drop a cell phone on this same surface? It likely won’t make it without serious, if not critical damage.
  • What type of communication are you currently using? If you use mobile phones, you may find that they are not rugged enough or are too expensive with data planes and contracts. A landline means you have no portable form of communication. Also, none of these communication methods work well in emergency situations. 
  • What kinds of features are most important for my business? If you have people who need to have hands free operation or long battery life, choose walkie talkies that have these extra features. 

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As one of the largest and most experienced companies in the New York area, Altech Radio is the go-to place for all of your two way communication needs. With a team of trained and experienced technicians, we can make sure you have as little downtime as possible and that your business receives first-class service every time. We offer a wide range of two way radios. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your business to the forefront of your competitors.