How to Choose a Two Way Radio

Two-way radios are one of the most effective, fastest and most reliable methods of communications. During power or mobile tower outages, these handy devices work when nothing else will. For all first responders, safety offers and other essential workers, communication vital to maintaining safety. The ability to exchange information quickly and clearly is key. As New York and New Jersey open up, your business depends on the proper conveyance of instructions, orders and concerns.

How Will a Two Way Radio Help My Business?

Most businesses in the New York area are vertical – meaning you enter a tall building to ride an elevator up to the floor where your company resides. Even though building owners are opening their doors, there is still the need to keep everyone safe and enforce 6 feet of social distancing. Businesses do not want to be held liable for someone getting sick after coming into their building. In these cases, walkie talkies can be used from one floor to another to alert others of arriving guests or employees and not exceed the state-required capacity. Building personnel can also use two way radios to monitor the number of people getting into elevators and unloading at each floor to ensure the safety of all. Also, in emergencies, such as an accident or a spill, communication needs to happen quickly to minimize injuries and damage. Staying in contact for security reasons is another essential reason to look at two way radios.

Using walkie talkies have traditionally been the answer for emergency personnel, education, retail, manufacturing, mining and oil, security, restaurants, medical offices and more. Now more than ever, this new world we live in requires an easy operation, long battery life, all in an inexpensive, quick way to communicate.

The Best Two Way Radio For Businesses

While it may be obvious how walkie talkies can help your business, you may be overwhelmed by the choices and features available. To make an informed and educated decision, here are some questions to ask yourself about your company needs:

  • How much range will I need? The range of communication varies depending on the model. There are long-range two-way radios but if you don’t need that, better to spend your money on other features. However, be aware that you may need more range than you expect.
  • Who will use the two way radios? If the radios are being used in the field where dust, dirt or wet conditions exist, make sure you choose a model that will withstand that. Durability is one of the benefits of walkie talkies, they’re much sturdier and can withstand dropping and other use better than cell phones. Warehouse operations, schools and retail stores typically have hard floors, dropping your radio here, it’s built to be okay. Drop a cell phone on this same surface? It likely won’t make it without serious, if not critical damage.
  • What type of communication are you currently using? If you use mobile phones, you may find that they are not rugged enough or are too expensive with data planes and contracts. A landline means you have no portable form of communication. Also, none of these communication methods work well in emergency situations. 
  • What kinds of features are most important for my business? If you have people who need to have hands free operation or long battery life, choose walkie talkies that have these extra features.
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