Software Solutions

With more and more organizations adopting software and the cloud, AirLink®  has developed and delivered leading-edge software solutions help reduce costs, enhance efficiency, improve safety and boost productivity for businesses of all types, across industries.

At Altech, we offer our clients the latest, most innovative AirLink software solutions to help them maximize the benefits of their existing AirLink products, systems and processes. We carry several AirLink software solutions, including AirLink Manager (AM), AirLink Connection Manager (ACM), and AirLink Management Service (ALMS).

AirLink Manager (AM) is an on-premise network for managing fixed deployments and for when and where cloud-based management isn’t an option. AirLink Connection Manager (ACM) is a highly-scalable Virtual Private Network (VPN) designed for AirLink routers and gateways that extends your enterprise network to vehicles with more security. The AirLink Management Service (ALMS) is a security-rich, cloud-based management solution simplifies to remotely deploying, monitoring, and upgrading all your gateways and routers.

Not sure which AirLink software solution is right for you? At Altech, our software and cloud experts can help you find the right solution to get the greatest value from all your existing AirLink products.

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