Product Details

AirLink® Manager (AM)

On-Premises Network Management for Fixed Deployments

Designed for applications where cloud-based management is not an option, the AirLink® Manager (AM) is a leading-edge, end-to-end on-premises network management solution that enables simplified, remote and real-time mass configuration, control and troubleshooting of AirLink® routers and gateways, connected infrastructure and mission critical applications.

AM displays a virtual dashboard with an up-to-date view of all connected AirLink routers and gateways, and delivers a continuous stream of rich, real-time network data, allowing users to analyze the behavior of hundreds of devices and device parameters as they occur. The AM enables users to create custom alerts and event triggers and offers on-demand or pre-scheduled historical reports for in-depth analysis and diagnostics.

Examples of core reports include, but are not limited to:

  • Link Utilization: A time-based depiction of network connection status and multi-network switching for individual routers and gateways
  • Coverage Maps: Maps the wireless service accessed by individual routers and gateways
  • Bandwidth Consumption: Shows data received and transmitted over carrier network for an individual device or groups of AirLink routers and gateways

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