The Differences Between Low-End and High-End Two-Way Radios

Are you relying on inexpensive, mass-market walkie talkies for your company’s communication needs?  If you are using low end two way radios instead of high end two way radios, you might be experiencing frustrations due to poor quality audio, unreliable connections or long range two way radios that simply can’t meet the daily demands of communication that your business needs. While you might question the need for upfront investment in Motorola two way radios, you’ll quickly see that these high-end two way walkie talkie options will easily save you money over time in replacements, efficiency and better communications throughout your organization. There are some key differences in manufacturing and specifications between high-end radios and cheap two way radios that you can find at big-box retailers.

Improved Communication Standards

Do you notice that audio is scratchy and or fading in and out on your two-way radios? It’s not surprising when this happens on a lower-budget two way radio handset, particularly when you get close to the edge of the recommended distance or when you’re in questionable conditions. Poor weather, the frequency of your radios and even the type of building you are in can have a significant impact on the signal quality. On low-quality radios, this can mean a completely unusable system costing your business. There are ways to boost the range of your walkie talkies through a signal repeater, but this is an unreliable fix that may not work for teams that are often on the move. With Motorola two way radios, Motorola two way radios, you will have the signal power and the audio quality needed to ensure your communications are clear and consistently heard, and receive a time-sensitive response.

Handset Quality and Warranties

Purchasing a two way radio from a mass retailer are very likely to have quality issues that may not be evident when making the initial purchase. The upfront cost may seem like you have saved money but warranty programs are also a differentiating factor with walkie talkies. Companies who initially save money by purchasing inexpensive radios end up spending more in the long run. Because the inexpensive radios are not covered under warranty, the initial savings are lost after having to replace the two way radios over and over. Paying more for the best long range two way radios provides you additional options you wouldn’t have with other sets, including longer warranty periods, ruggedized equipment and higher standards for sound.

High end two way radios and low end two way radios
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Avoiding Two Way Radio Interference 

Being able to communicate quickly with your team means knowing that your conversations are not being interrupted by others, something that can easily happen with mass-market handsets that often share a limited bandwidth. One of the benefits of using more feature-rich Motorola two way radios is the additional security you get from having a more discrete channel for your communications. This reduces the risk that you’ll be sharing channels with others, something that can confuse both teams and muddy the lines of communication.


Here’s the breakdown of how low-end radios differ from their more expensive alternatives:

  • High-end two-way radios are meant to bridge longer distances and are more reliable.
  • The term walkie talkie is often used to refer to lower-end radios that may not have the same range or quality as high-end Motorola two way radios.
  • Low-end two-way radios that you would purchase at a chain store are not made for commercial or industrial environments.
  • The best two way radios avoid two way radio interference all together, and provide better call quality with a longer warranty.

The good news is that you don’t have to do the research and make decisions in a vacuum. With support and information from one of the nation’s premier leaders in handheld communication, Altech Electronics, you can be confident that you have the details necessary to make a good decision about your long range two way radio needs. Contact our team of knowledgeable professionals at 718-266-7863 or via email to [email protected] to schedule your free initial consultation or to learn more about our Motorola walkie talkies and find the right high end two way radios for your unique needs.