Areas Served – The Bronx

When talking about the tri-state area, the Bronx is gaining a reputation for being a prime location for new construction and rapid change. Projects are popping up everywhere, and work on this scale is nearly impossible without powerful communication tools. Two-way radios sit at the heart of many projects. If you’re looking to do any of this work, you need the right systems and Altech Electronics can set you up with all of it.

We’ve been serving the entire Bronx borough for years, and we’re happy to be a part of many of the new projects. No matter the job, there’s a radio that is right for it and we can help you choose the best solution. While you’re considering your radios, there are many businesses across the city that only trust Altech for their two way radio systems. We work in every corner of the Bronx; no neighborhood is out of our reach.

Altech Electronics has technicians available to serve any company west of the Bronx River. Radio systems like mobile two way radios and Mototrbo radios can be deployed for construction in Melrose, making it easier to keep projects moving.

Radio systems are also perfect for the massive new retail sections in Hunts Point. As new construction surges, our radios are serving the backbone of the infrastructure that keeps work moving forward. They can keep you in touch for projects that span Fordham Heights, and you can have key components professionally installed anywhere you need them.

Outside of construction, Motorola radios are great for work in places like the Bronx Zoo of the New York Botanical Garden. When a site covers a lot of ground, two-way radios are the best tool for coordinating efforts.

Altech services are available all the way to the tip of North Riverdale, and everywhere in between. The entirety of the West Bronx has been and still is serviced by Altech Electronics. No neighborhoods are excluded. We’re committed to providing premier radio communications throughout the area.

The Bronx River may separate the borough’s neighborhoods, but it doesn’t delineate our work. Altech services are available across the East Bronx as well. We have pagers for sale and radio systems that work great in the medical centers around Morris Park, and reach all the way across Pelham Bay Park.

Radios are invaluable for communications in high schools all over the borough. They empower retail in Pelham Parkway and shipping centers in the Valley. Every neighborhood in the region has sites that need radios, and Altech is here for all of them.

From Castle Hill to Eastchester, you’ll find Altech technicians keeping projects going across the East Bronx. We help design and install components for all manner of communication. It can include radios, lighting, emergency alert systems, data terminals, sirens, routers and modems, cameras, radio repeaters and anything else that is necessary to ensure that people can talk how and when they need to communicate.

If you’re in any of these areas and want to explore your communication options, contact us. We’ll go over your project and discuss every way we can help you improve reliable ways to talk and relay information. We can cover design and installation ideas and get you ready to deploy your improved communications options in no time. Your job site will run better with our best radios, and we want to help you establish all of the tools necessary to do your work to the best of your ability.