Boost Response Times with Two-Way Radios for Hospital Use

Every second matters in a hospital. This immediacy in health care requires the quickest form of communication available. 

Whether you need to reach out to someone on your operations team about a malfunctioning machine or reach a specific nurses’ station, having access to an always-on and immediate form of communication can truly make the difference between life and death. Hospital communication devices can be notoriously difficult to manage in a healthcare setting. These large buildings are often older architecture, that is not built to maintain exceptional cell phone reception throughout the space. Instead of relying on cell phones as your primary mode of outreach, walkie talkies for healthcare are the option that will help smooth operations and improve the patient experience and safety.

Importance of Immediate Access to Hospital Communication Devices

Empowering patients to become full partners in their care is a rising trend for hospitals, something that is only possible with the cooperation of staff and access to the right information at the right time. Push to talk, or radio-based devices, are becoming increasingly important in healthcare as care teams coordinate to provide top-notch care for their patients. This could be anything from an EMT sending a message ahead to have teams on-call to a team leader letting their staff know to expect blizzard conditions as they perform home healthcare visits. Each of these scenarios allows your healthcare team to improve the quality of care that they can provide to patients without significantly adding to their communication costs over time. 

SIM card based radios are a new wave of solutions that provide many of the same benefits of a mobile phone but with the enhanced range and availability of walkie talkies for healthcare. Having access to these devices can reduce patient wait times and provider costs simultaneously.

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Medical staff

The Rise of Consumerism in Healthcare

Patients increasingly want real-time feedback throughout their journey, something that can be difficult to provide without access to fast and reliable methods of communication. The healthcare market is becoming increasingly fractured, with large hospitals and doctors competing against small clinics and ambulatory surgical centers for patient attention. With 51% of patients in a recent survey stating that they would switch providers simply to receive better (and faster!) service, it’s vital that healthcare entities are able to react to changing situations with fluidity and ease. Patient perception of their time within a healthcare facility can be quickly changed with the addition of communication devices that allow more rapid transfers, fewer delays in service and a more consistent experience for patients.

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  • Protecting the health of patients requires access to immediate methods of communication.
  • A positive patient experience relies on seamless operations and efficient conversations.
  • Two way radios are more consistent and reliable than mobile devices in a hospital setting.

Whether you are just getting started with your first set of Motorola radios or are looking for an upgrade on your current communication system, the professionals at Altech Electronics are here to help. Our highly-trained and qualified teams are well-versed in working with healthcare entities of all sizes and can help recommend the best 2 way radio for healthcare use based on your particular situation. We serve organizations throughout the New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island area with trusted Motorola solutions that will boost the efficiency of your communications. Contact Altech Electronics today at 718-266-7863 or via email to [email protected] to schedule your free initial consultation.