Motorola TLK 100 and TLK 150 vs. the Old Nextel Push-to-Talk Versions

What do you know about the new Motorola TLK 100 and TLK 150? Read about how these two-way radios compare to the older Nextel push-to-talk phones.

Did you know that cellphone technology has grown so fast there are now more phones than people in the world? 

The rise of the smartphone isn’t the only communication revolution that’s happening. 

Smartphone tech might have eclipsed two-way radio. But many businesses and organizations still have a heavy need for two-way communication. Because of this, the push-to-talk market is forecast to grow steadily in the coming years. 

One of the first big players in the PTT market was Nextel. If you’re wondering, does Nextel still have push-to-talk—the answer is no. 

However, there is a new player on the block that offers even more functionality than Nextel. The Motorola TLK 100 and TLK 150 are just as good as Nextel push-to-talk phones, and better. 

Don’t miss out on this powerful solution for your business. Read on to find out more about the Motorola radios vs the old Nextels.


Does Nextel still have push-to-talk? No, but this is not really a concern. Because Motorola is offering a far more reliable (and scalable) push-to-talk solution.

One of the biggest advantages of the Motorola TLK 100 and 150 radios over the old Nextel phone technology is that Motorola’s push-to-talk devices can transmit anywhere within range of a wifi connection or a cellular network.

Motorola push-to-talk radios use existing, nationwide cellular networks. They can also connect to your wifi network. This means that employees can speak to each other from across the country with a Motorola push-to-talk phone or radio.

This wasn’t possible with Nextel push-to-talk phones. If you had a Nextel push-to-talk phone, you could only reach contacts within your network area. 

Motorola’s App Can Turn Any Device into a Push-To-Talk Cell Phone

If you were wondering, does Nextel still work, here’s another reason not to be disappointed that this old push-to-talk option isn’t widely available. 

With Nextel push-to-talk phones you had to connect to another Nextel push-to-talk phone otherwise the service could not work. 

With the Motorola push-to-talk phone technology, you can turn just about any phone into a push-to-talk device with the proprietary app, WAVE. You can install the WAVE app on almost any phone, laptop, or desktop, and turn it into a push-to-talk device for communicating with teams in the field. 

Distraction Free

Another benefit of the Motorola TLK 100 and 150 radios is they are distraction free. Without an interactive screen, there is less temptation for employees to get distracted out on the job than with one of the old Nextel phones. 

Although they offer seamless push-to-talk communication with just about any smartphone or other device, the new-gen Motorola radios are also still fully compliant with distraction-free driving laws. Because the old Nextels were still phones, they could not be used legally while driving. 

The Motorola TLK 100 and 150 also offer GPS tracking.


Finally, the Motorola TLK 100 and 150 are far more rugged than the old Nextel phones were. This makes them much better suited for heavy-duty use, while still being able to connect perfectly with less rugged devices that are on the WAVE app. 

Motorola has long been heading up the charge on mobile communication technology, having introduced the first portable commercial cellular phone. Now they are leading the way in new push-to-talk solutions. 

Does Nextel Still Have Push-To-Talk? No, but There Are Even Better Push-To-Talk Solutions Available

Were you wondering if Nextel still has push-to-talk? If so, you’re probably in need of a reliable push-to-talk communication solution for your business. 

Although Nextel push-to-talk phones aren’t an option anymore, Motorola is now offering an even more comprehensive solution to businesses and teams. 

If you need reliable push-to-talk communications for your business, contact us today for a quote. 

Altech Radio Installation Services: An Overview

At Altech Electronics, we offer professional push-to-talk radio communication options for a range of industries including construction, education, government, healthcare, safety, and more. We focus on delivering reliable, effective communications and services with installation options that ensure your readiness to respond to any emergency.

Why Reliable Installation Matters!

At Altech, we support millions of safe two-way radio and telecommunication solutions across public and private buildings as well as airports, manufacturers, hospitals, schools, utilities, and even stadiums.

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We’re ideally positioned to support your unique products and installation requirements.

Why Reach & Support Is Important for Installation Services

You need the best two-way radios for your communication needs, as well as a provider who knows the system and can offer you service and support in emergencies and challenging environmental conditions. That’s why our installation services are essential for your two-way radios:

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Our goal at Altech is to transform your industry’s radio communication into a real-time, proactive system.

Cutting Edge Solutions Available Today

Today, our solutions are cloud-based so you can access and control them from anywhere. These systems also offer analytics, video management, and video storage that further push the realm of what is possible forward.

  • Our comprehensive technology solutions allow us to install and seamlessly support the mission-critical communications devices you need.
  • We make sure our two-way radios are safe, reliable, and secure.

We know how important it is that your two-way radios support your efforts toward productivity and efficiency. 


  • At Altech, we support millions of safe telecommunication solutions across public and private buildings as well as airports, manufacturers, hospitals, schools, utilities, and even stadiums.
  • We innovate and lead our industry while offering the products and installation services you need for your business.
  • We’re your one-stop shop, with product recommendations, installation services, and safety solutions that will meet even those requirements you don’t yet know you have.

Installation Services You Can Count On

At Altech Electronics, we install and service your two-way radio solutions to ensure that they’re fully functional and meet your needs. Our premier communications solutions are highly effective and reliable. 

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Two Way Radios: Safe Way to Manage Large Events

Two way radios are a great tool to have during large events. Take a look at how these devices can keep attendees safe and secure.

Two way radios are helpful to communicate emergencies and possibly prevent tragedies from happening. 

But why are two way radios the best for security communication at a significant event? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about using them.

Provides Large Event Security

Companies have been using radio waves and frequency bands for some time, and it provides a secure and reliable technology that can be useful when managing a large event. 

These radios can provide bidirectional communication, which is essential when security or management oversees a large event, like a concert, festival, or sporting event. 

For example, officials and referees still use these types of radios at sporting events. They use it to coordinate with each other and speak with that equipment. 

There are even radios between football coaches and the quarterback to ensure they have the right plays. 

While these events benefit the game, they also keep the attendees safe. If there’s a medical emergency, having these radios can be helpful to quickly communicate what the problem is and get emergency help for an attendee. 

Radios are also especially helpful when hosting a concert or a festival. Security teams can use these two way radios to communicate at different points during the event and relay information that could be crucial to keeping the attendees safe. 

Benefits of Using Two Way Radios

If everyone on your team has cell phones, why do you need a two way radio? While a phone might be more flexible, there are some advantages that a two way radio will give your team. 

First, some event areas don’t have good cell service, and these two way radios don’t use cell service, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to reach someone. 

They also provide instant communication. They’re free and easy to use, and you can easily reach anyone in range instead of waiting for someone to answer a call on a cell phone. 

One of the other benefits of using these radios is that it’s cheaper than using cell phones as well. If you’re communicating at an event, it’ll be temporary, so you can even rent these devices so that you don’t have to commit to buying a set for one night and never using them again.

Discover More About Why You Need Two Way Radios for Large Events

These are only a few reasons why having two way radios at your large event will help keep everyone safe. 

If you’re hosting a large event and safety and security is your priority, look for a great set of two way radios today.

You can start by checking out our website to find a model that suits your needs.