Two-Way Radio Regulations in NYC

Two-way radios have grown in popularity through the years, and you can expect this to continue moving forward for the next ten years. Despite this, many people do not understand the rules about two-way radio communication and this can sometimes lead to direct harm. You should make sure that you have the full range of knowledge of how to professionally use these devices. When purchasing a two-way radio, it’s important to work with a reputable company to help you set them up so they work properly and follow any rules/regulations. Altech Electronics has been serving NYC and the surrounding areas for 48+ years. Our experts will help you find the right radio for your needs and ensure that it is set up properly. 

To help you, we have listed below some of the regulations that you can expect to need to follow while in NYC. This way you can keep up with what you need to do and not break any rules.

FCC Licensing

If you are a two-way radio user, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has specific demands you must fulfill. It mandates that you have a license for using any device above two watts in power. Penalties can include fines, the censure of equipment, and other penalties.

This license is the GMRS license and requires that you:

  • Be above eighteen years of age
  • Not be a representative of a non-USA government
  • Not be a business
  • Disclose extra information if you have a conviction for a felony at any point in the past
  • Pay seventy dollars for the ten-year license
  • Follow the FCC’s rules for two-way radio communication
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What are the FCC’s rules for NYC?

The FCC demands that you follow a set of rules for running a two-way radio in NYC. This allows some regulation of what the radio bands are for. Aside from needing a license, you must also:

  • Allow access to an authorized FCC representative if they wish to inspect the device
  • Send no messages related to illegal activity
  • Send no false or deceptive messages
  • Send no messages that have hidden meanings, although “APCO 10 Codes” are allowed
  • Not advertise across the radio
  • Not broadcast entertainment, such as music, sound effects, or even whistling
  • Send no political adverts or campaign for political views via the broadcast
  • Send no distress signals unless in an emergency
  • Not communicate with Amateur radio, foreign stations, or unauthorized stations
  • Not send a continuous broadcast, unless to save lives or property
  • Not send public addresses
  • Use the call sign assigned to you by the FCC at the end of transmission and periodically during a transmission

What If You Don’t Have a License?

If you get caught broadcasting without a license, you could get into a lot of trouble. While a license will cost you up to $800 for ten years, a fine for unlicensed broadcasting can reach up to $25,000. It is much more cost-effective to pay that license up-front instead.

Key Takeaways:

  • FCC rules in NYC include; not sending false messages, public addresses, messages with hidden meanings, and more.
  • Being caught broadcasting without a license is a hefty fine.

More About Two-Way Radio Communication

Now you understand more about two-way radio communication and how its regulations affect you. Interested in purchasing a two-way radio? Reach out to us at Altech Electronics today!