Maintaining communication for a variety of industries is essential for daily operations. Whether it be emergency personnel, contractors, or construction companies, open channels of communication is vital. While cell phones may be the most common form of communication, it is not always the most reliable. Below are several of the installation services we offer that enhance communication and allows emergency personnel to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Two Way Radios & System Set Up

Maintaining a quality connection with your team while on the job is critical. When a cell phone cannot make the call because of faulty reception or lack of battery, a two way radio can. With two-way radios, you are set up for efficient communication. Hand held radios can operate over cell towers or through radio signals. Depending on your business’s needs, the best two radios will vary. There are versions that can be routed through an app on smartphones for convenient carry. This will expand the reach in your area and provide effective communication. There are a lot of choices, so trust the experts. We’ll work with you to understand your business and set you up with the best walkie talkies for your business.

The installation of two way radios requires several steps to ensure that the system operates properly. The initial setup includes installation of within any vehicles as well as making sure all the two way radios are able to communicate correctly with each other through programming. This communication is much more cost-effective due to a lack of contracts. They can also be utilized during emergency situations when cell towers may be down and not operating properly.

External Antenna Installation

Maximizing Wi-Fi for our customers is essential. There are some remote areas throughout the state that do not have Wi-Fi or cell service for several miles. With the addition of an external antenna, your vehicle becomes its own hotspot. Now, service can reach much farther, maximizing their communication potential.  These antennas are good for traveling purposes and can pick up signals in areas that the average cell phone cannot.

Internal Antenna Installation

Some of the required technology for our customers are equipped with an internal antenna. This is used to maximize the Wi-Fi within a home or within a mobile setting that utilizes Wi-Fi. The equipment that has an internal antenna is mobile and expands the standard limitations of service within the area, broadening the range. Attaching these to radios and other communication devices is critical for remote communication and areas that do not have sufficient Wi-Fi and cell tower ranges.

Siren Installation

One of the growing needs for first responders is siren installation. Volunteer firefighters and other emergency personnel have a growing need to install these sirens within their personal vehicles. Having these sirens will allow them to alert current traffic that they need to get by in the same way that medical and ambulance vehicles with the same distinction as standard emergency vehicles. They guarantee that responders will get to their destination as fast as possible and avoid any casualties. 

Light Installation

With sirens comes the need for emergency lights to bring that same awareness to others on the highway. These bright emergency lights can be installed in all vehicles and can correspond to the appropriate emergency color. Aside from ambulances, buses used for schools and public transportation also benefit from the addition of emergency lights, alerting others on the highway that they are coming to a stop.


  • The installation of two-way radios are essential for communication in areas that are remote and lack standard cell service.
  • Installing and frequently servicing sirens and lights in emergency vehicles will increase the success rate and reduce any casualties. 

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