Product Details

TLK 25

TLK 25: Your Next-Generation Wearable WAVE PTX Device

Motorola TLK 25

In a world demanding more versatility, efficiency, and safety in communication, the TLK 25 steps in to bridge the gap. Crafted for supreme usability, resilience, and advanced operations, the TLK 25 is not just a push-to-talk device; it’s an intelligent ecosystem packed into a sleek, smart, and safe design.

Device Overview:

Small, Sleek, Smart
Compact and wearable
Durable and discreet for any setting
Designed with safety at the forefront
Streamlined Voice-Assisted Operations
Empowered with Intuitive Voice Assistance, making communication, safety measures, and accessing key information effortless
Packaged Ecosystem
Wi-Fi-based flexibility
Comprehensive suite of emergency features
Integrated with the WAVE PTX platform for unparalleled interoperability
Specifications at a Glance:

Network: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, supporting Wi-Fi 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac
Security: WPA2 (both personal and enterprise) and WPA3 (personal)
Channel Capacity: 96 channels
Contact List: Accommodates 300 contacts
Physical: Dimensions – 3.2 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches; Weight – 2.6 oz
Battery: 12-hour lifespan; Embedded type
Ruggedness: IP67 rated; MIL-STD 810H standards compliant
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 LE
Applications: Powered by WAVE PTX, compatible with the forthcoming TLK Configuration App
Key Features Deep Dive:

Sleek, Smart, Safe

Intelligent Design: Voice Assistant for seamless interaction, multicolored LED indicators, and location tracking to prevent misplacement
Durable Yet Discreet: IP67 ruggedness, fine-textured housing for a firm grip, and multiple wearing options (holster, clip, lanyards, pockets) for convenience
Safety-Centric: Equipped with a wearable panic button, dedicated emergency button, and location tracking for high-risk scenarios
Voice-Assisted Operations

For Communication: Easy management of talkgroups, private calls, contacts, and presence statuses
For Safety: Features like Lone Worker, Fall Alert, location pinpointing, and emergency source identification
For Key Information: Real-time insights on Wi-Fi networks, device status, battery health, volume, alerts, and firmware updates over the air
Packaged Ecosystem

Wi-Fi Flexibility: Compatible with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks
Remote Management: Via the WAVE PTX Portal for device configuration, user management, and talkgroup setups
Interoperability: Seamless integration with WAVE PTX mobile apps, MOTOTRBO radios, and other TLK series radios
Emergency Features: Emergency calling, Lone Worker, Fall Alert, ambient listening, and precise location tracking