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Motorola CP200 Portable Two-Way Radio UHF & VHF Models For Sale

The CP200 is Motorola’s most rugged radio. It’s built-to-last. With modern features and state of the art technology, this raid is not only rugged but provides you with the latest features. This industry-leading radio provides all of the communication connections that your company needs.

Motorola CP200 Radios Offer Lightweight Ergonomic Design

Motorola CP200 radios are ideal for on-the-go communication, this lightweight radio is powerful yet compact. It is made from a diecast chassis with a sturdy design. At 14.98 ounces, the radio is comfortable for anyone to use. It also comes with a two-year warranty so you can trust that your investment will last you for years to come.

Push to Talk

The push to talk feature simplifies getting in touch with an easy to use interface. The enlarged button can be found quickly, regardless of the current working conditions or when wearing gloves. The channels also have features for security and better privacy with 84 standard digital codes and 42 standard TPL codes.

Workers can stay connected and more engaged, which is crucial for a team. Even when working in isolation, they will be able to connect and build communication with team members. It will also provide a necessary link during the day-to-day as quick communication is crucial for safety and performance.

Flexible Channel Capacity

The CP200 adapts to your team’s needs, with a flexible channel capacity designed to let users customize their network preferences. Choose from 4 to 16 channels. Signaling uses Quik Call II, MDC 1200. With a voice-operated transmitter and dozens of private channel abilities, you will be able to customize your team’s performance.

Battery life

The range of these vhf radios battery life can last between 10 to 16 hours– plenty of time for your day-to-day operations.

Radio Comfortable to Carry and Operate

Where cell communication can’t reach, radios are able to operate.

The radio provides clear audio with a crisp, easy to hear output, facilitating communication. The radio also has selective call id, which lets you know who you are talking to for optimized performance. There are tri-color LED lights that let you know the status of the radio and to quickly get it set up to use. Get feedback for scanning, calling and monitoring features. The two buttons can be programmed with two or four versatile options.

Range of battery choices

The Nickel Cadmium battery provides a long lasting performance and power supply. The Motorola CP200’s programming software can help users to adjust the power output for their team’s needs. Programming software is critical in high-end radios. The Li-Ion battery is the industry standard. Other battery options available are the MagOne PMNN4458 PMNN4072 and the NNTN4497.

The batteries that fit the CP200 model will also fit the CPP150, PR400, CP200XLS, and the new Motorola CP200d MotoTRBO Digital radio. With millions of units in the field, it is a tried and true system when it comes to performance and durability.

Accessories for Your Needs

This radio is compatible with a range of accessories to help to maximize performance. Ear guards and ear pieces help to facilitate communication and to make incoming clear. Headsets are also a good option when you are using the CP200. There are also rapid chargers available so your handset can be ready to use when you are. See why so many trust the CP200 series.

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