How Altech Services Emergency Vehicle Lights

Emergency vehicles need to be seen, not just heard. Lights and sirens are important to improve safety for all emergency responders as they work to promote public safety, save lives and create order out of chaos.

Even with emergency lighting, there is no guarantee that officers, firefighters, EMTs and other first responders will be easily seen. This is especially true when professionals operate outside the safety of their vehicles. However, LED emergency vehicle lights do encourage other drivers on the road to slow down. This alone is an important first step toward improved safety for first responders.

How Does Altech Electronics Improve First Responder Safety?

Altech Electronics offers a wide range of solutions for police lights, EMT lights and other first responder needs, such as:

  • Lights and sirens installation
  • Internal and external antenna installation
  • Two-way radios systems and set up

We understand that safety is a primary concern. Our number one goal is to help you improve the safety of the people on your team, whether you work in the field of fire safety, law enforcement or emergency medical services.

What are the Purposes of Emergency Lighting on Vehicles?

It’s important to understand why LED emergency vehicle lights are so important for fire, EMS and police services. That way you understand why they are so vital to your emergency response operations.

The primary purpose, while driving, is to get the attention of other drivers so they know to yield to emergency vehicles. It is important and the lights can help people see these emergency vehicles long before they would otherwise.

The other reason they are so important is for moments when these vehicles are stationary and first responders are walking around to secure scenes or carry out their duties in other ways. The police light and other emergency lighting help to keep the scene well-lit to reduce the risks of people who are walking around being struck by vehicles.

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How Much Emergency Lighting Do Your Vehicles Need?

When it comes to emergency lighting, it isn’t about the lights so much as their installation. Lights installed by professionals are much more reliable and far less likely to cause night blindness to others on the road. Although it could be more cost-effective to try to install these lights on your own, it is not worth the risk of having the lights not turn on or be too dim at the time they are needed. 

One of the challenges is that every state has its own specific requirements for lighting emergency vehicles. Some states allow some leeway or latitude for lighting as long as the minimum specific state requirements are met. LED emergency vehicle lights are easier to see than many of the old lighting standards and that makes them an attractive option for all who are interested in promoting public and first responder safety.


  • Lights and sirens are important safety tools for first responders.
  • Emergency lighting is vital for first responders on the go and on the ground.
  • Properly installed safety lights are less likely to cause night blindness among other drivers.

Don’t trust something as important for public safety as LED emergency vehicle lights for your first responder vehicles to just anyone. Work with professionals who are trained and prepared to install your lights for you.

Call on Altech Electronics today to learn more about our emergency lighting installation services and so we can work together to assess your needs and identify the lights that will meet them best. Whether you’re looking for a police light, fire truck lighting or ambulance lights we can help you get the lights you need for a price that’s right.


5 Big Benefits Of Using Two-Way Radios During Emergencies

During emergency situations, like the recent COVID-19 virus that has placed so many people in lockdown, maintaining critical communications is more important than ever. Using Motorola public safety two-way radios not only keeps employees connected with crisp clear audio, but it also keeps them accountable with location tracking capability via Wi-Fi.

1. Improved Communication

In times of uncertainty, people are more stressed which can create a panic. It’s easy for email and text messages to be misunderstood or misinterpreted. With commercial two-way radios, like the TLK 100, you can broadcast a message in seconds with the push of a button.

If your business is suffering during the pandemic due to mixed messages or a lack of communication, you are not alone. Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications, the Motorola TLK 100 or the TLK 100 push to talk will improve communication — keeping teams connected.

2. Protects Your Staff

Protecting your staff in the field and running a smooth operation requires a clear line of communication at all times. With more employees working remotely, you cannot afford to wait for them to check their emails or text. Every second matters in an emergency especially when lives are at stake.

Not all emergencies are medical emergencies. The failure of essential services, including electrical outages and plumbing failures, means teams need to respond quickly. Motorola public safety radios allow real-time communications allowing you to get in touch with your team quickly and efficiently.

3. Creates a Nimble Workforce

With so many businesses shutting their doors due to the pandemic, remaining in business is a priority, even if the parts of the team are working from home. This means creating a nimble workforce that can respond to customer needs quickly. Any miscommunication can lead to a crack in operations. Using two-way radio communications means a supervisor or manager working from a home office can communicate effectively with teams working in the field.

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4. Keeps workers connected

Working in isolation can pose a challenge for most people. Employees still need to feel a connection with others. Yes, serious communication is needed to get things done, but having the occasional chat with your team that would usually take place in the break room is a useful way to break the stress of coming to terms with this new reality and maintaining positive company morale. Two-way radio communications keep remote workers connected. Engaged employees are more productive employees.

5. Business Continuity

Not all two-way radios are equal. Choosing the right device for the area you want to cover will keep you in business. High-level interference will significantly decrease the quality of your communications. Large buildings that have older architecture are not built for reliable cell coverage.

With many workers working remotely, a loss of cell phone coverage can bring any business to a standstill. Consider if your company needs “two-way” radios or “walkie talkies”. Both are capable of sending and receiving radio transmissions.


  • The Motorola TLK 100 or the TLK 100 push to talk improves communication with greater accuracy.
  • Protecting your staff requires keeping a clear line of communication open at all times especially during emergencies.
  • This changing landscape means businesses need to adapt and respond quickly. 
  • Two-way radio communications create a nimble workforce
  • Staying connected means staying in business by choosing radios that offer safety in portable communication.

Protecting your staff and smoothing operations during this challenging time requires clear lines of communication at all times. Having immediate access to push-to-talk technology such as the Motorola TLK100 long range two way radios means responding to customer needs quickly and efficiently. Contact the professionals at Altech Electronics at (718) 866-3975 or via email to schedule your free initial consultation.


The Motorola TLK 100 is Best of the Best in the Two Way Radio World

When you need to get in touch with your team quickly, nothing can be more frustrating than realizing that team members are out of range or static is making it difficult or impossible to understand anything coming through the two way radio. In some situations, clear communications can literally be life or death — such as with medical teams or in a heavy construction setting. You need to be confident that your teams are able to get the point across quickly and without any possibility of confusion with the message, which is why the Motorola TLK 100 push to talk radio is one of the most widely used two way radios for industrial, medical, hospitality and business applications.

Always-On Communications

Do you have the cell phone number of every person on your team memorized, or stored within your phone? Teams change quickly. Other employees may fill in when someone is out sick or when they’re switched to a new location or role. Providing everyone on your staff with two way radios means everyone can quickly reach everyone on the team without having to exchange phone numbers. It prevents wasting precious seconds finding a phone number or adding multiples numbers and typing out a message via text. With the TLK 100 radio, it’s easy to share a message with more than one person at a time which can be valuable in the event your dispatcher is trying to find someone within a wide area who is able to respond. Its reliability means your team will be able to quickly communicate.

construction industry and surveyor

Excellent Call Clarity and Range

Some two way radios have a limited range and might be plagued with dead spots, but the Motorola TLK 100 has a Verizon SIM card. This means that anywhere you have Verizon cell phone service, your Motorola TLK 100 will work clearly. This expands the range in which your teams can communicate and gets rid of the pesky 30-mile range that other mid-range push to talk radio options might have. Along with the benefits of the Verizon SIM are the GPS capabilities of the phone, which, with the help of a mobile app, can help you clearly locate individuals and teams to improve customer experience and speed dispatch to remote locations. Whether you are 20 blocks away or 3 states away, you will have the same outstanding call clarity without the range limitations that you’ll find with other devices.

Long-Term Cost Savings with Motorola TLK 100

What is the Motorola TLK 100 price? This question often surfaces when looking at push to talk radios. While the upfront cost of the Motorola TLK 100 might be slightly higher than off-brand versions, you will find that the warranty and quality of manufacturing more than make up for this difference over time. Inexpensive radios that you purchase from a local big-box retailer or electronics store are more likely to break over the course of a year or so, while Motorola’s offers a longer warranty on their products. Reducing the frequency of purchasing new handsets can dramatically decrease your cost of ownership over time. Adding a Motorola TLK 100 to your operations provides a much higher ROI than any off-brand version could ever provide.


Want to see why the Motorola TLK 100 radio is top of the heap?

  • TLK 100 push to talk radio works anywhere you can get Verizon cell phone service.
  • GPS capability is included in the headsets.
  • WiFi options come standard with the TLK 100 radio.
  • You can easily add an app that works for GPS for dispatch capabilities.

When you’re ready to learn more about the Motorola TLK 100 price and options for your teams, contact the professionals at Altech Electronics at 718-266-7863 or via email to Our experts take the time to walk through how your team needs to communicate to ensure you have exactly the right configuration for your company. We have been serving the New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County areas for more than 20 years and look forward to helping your organization streamline and optimize your communications.

The Differences Between Low-End and High-End Two-Way Radios

Are you relying on inexpensive, mass-market walkie talkies for your company’s communication needs? If so, you might be experiencing frustrations due to poor quality audio, unreliable connections or long range two way radios that simply can’t meet the daily demands of communication that your business needs. While you might question the need for upfront investment in Motorola two way radios, you’ll quickly see that these high-end options will easily save you money over time in replacements, efficiency and better communications throughout your organization. There are some key differences in manufacturing and specifications between high-end radios and the more inexpensive options that you can find at big-box retailers.

Improved Communication Standards

Do you notice that audio is scratchy and or fading in and out on your two-way radios? It’s not surprising when this happens on a lower-budget handset, particularly when you get close to the edge of the recommended distance or when you’re in questionable conditions. Poor weather, the frequency of your radios and even the type of building you are in can have a significant impact on the signal quality. On low-quality radios, this can mean a completely unusable system costing your business. There are ways to boost the range of your walkie talkies through a signal repeater, but this is an unreliable fix that may not work for teams that are often on the move. With Motorola two way radios, Motorola two way radios, you will have the signal power and the audio quality needed to ensure your communications are clear and consistently heard, and receive a time-sensitive response.

Handset Quality and Warranties

Purchasing a two way radio from a mass retailer are very likely to have quality issues that may not be evident when making the initial purchase. The upfront cost may seem like you have saved money but warranty programs are also a differentiating factor with walkie talkies. Companies who initially save money by purchasing inexpensive radios end up spending more in the long run. Because the inexpensive radios are not covered under warranty, the initial savings are lost after having to replace the two way radios over and over. Paying more for the best long range two way radios provides you additional options you wouldn’t have with other sets, including longer warranty periods, ruggedized equipment and higher standards for sound.

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Keeping a Clear Channel

Being able to communicate quickly with your team means knowing that your conversations are not being interrupted by others, something that can easily happen with mass-market handsets that often share a limited bandwidth. One of the benefits of using more feature-rich Motorola two way radios is the additional security you get from having a more discrete channel for your communications. This reduces the risk that you’ll be sharing channels with others, something that can confuse both teams and muddy the lines of communication.


Here’s the breakdown of how low-end radios differ from their more expensive alternatives:

  • High-end two-way radios are meant to bridge longer distances and are more reliable.
  • The term walkie talkie is often used to refer to lower-end radios that may not have the same range or quality as high-end Motorola two way radios.
  • Low-end two-way radios that you would purchase at a chain store are not made for commercial or industrial environments.
  • The best two way radios offer reduced interference, better call quality and a longer warranty.

The good news is that you don’t have to do the research and make decisions in a vacuum. With support and information from one of the nation’s premier leaders in handheld communication, Altech Electronics, you can be confident that you have the details necessary to make a good decision about your long range two way radio needs. Contact our team of knowledgeable professionals at 718-266-7863 or via email to to schedule your free initial consultation or to learn more about Motorola two way radios and find the right solution for your unique needs.

3 Key Benefits of Professional Motorola Radio Programming

Most computers and mobile phones are plug-and-play. Once you’re powered up, they’re ready to be used. So, you might expect that all electronics are so simple to install and start using that you don’t need professional services. While some items can be straightforward, two way radio programming can have added layers of complexity far beyond the comfort level of most individuals. As your business expands, you may find that you need additional two way radios to support the needs of your operations. The radios you already have still function perfectly, so the logical choice is to simply add a few more handsets to your current configuration. Unfortunately, you might find that the process of programming your radios to work together is more complex than you imagined.

Beware of “Low Cost” Radio Providers

When looking to add more radios to your force – you may be tempted to find the least expensive Motorola two way radios, but it’s important to consider what is included in that price. Are you truly getting the best deal by purchasing from a retailer that doesn’t include any type of services after the sale, such as two way radio programming? You may a few dollars per radio with your purchase only to find yourself paying double your savings when you need programming support from local two way radio programming professionals. These so-called “low cost” providers can actually end up costing you more. Without professional installation, the radios that are not going to work for your unique needs.

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Benefits of Professional Motorola Radio Programming

Purchasing new two way radios is a fantastic way to assure that your teams are communicating effectively in the field, providing a diverse option for always-on communication that can clear up operational backlogs and reduce frustration. Maintaining radios once they are programmed is straightforward, and can be performed by individuals with a range of talents and abilities but bringing these tools online for the first time might be more challenging than you realize. Here are three of the key reasons to work with a professional for your Motorola radio programming.

1. Radios are not plug-and-play like phones or computers. They require additional programming software, which is not widely available for individuals that are not in the business of servicing radios. While you can purchase the cabling and software, it can be expensive and will not be needed on an ongoing basis.

2. Radios not only require special software, but there are also unique cables that are needed before you can link the radios for programming. Radios are based on technology which requires additional steps before the radios are ready for full-time operation.

3. You need to know that your radios are compatible before making a purchase. Some older radios may not be compatible with updated programming, which might require an upgrade of all radios as opposed to simply adding a few handsets.

Checking with the professionals at Altech Electronics for configuration support and programming will help you avoid some of these costly mistakes.

motorola radio programming, two way radio programming, motorola sl300 programming software, 2 way radio programming


  • Adding or reconfiguring radios often requires additional programming
  • Motorola SL300 programming software and other two way radio programming software are not readily available online
  • Avoid any “low cost” two way radio purchase – while you may save money initially, the programming and installation will eat up any savings, costing more than if you had gone with the professionals. These low cost two way radios may not meet the needs of your business, so consulting a professional is the most cost-effective.

Getting your Motorola SL300 programming software or other two way ready for action doesn’t have to be a massive challenge. When you work with the professionals at Altech Electronics, you will quickly see the value of purchasing your radio and accessories from our team. We will work with you to understand your business needs and make recommendations for the best configurations. We are also able to quickly integrate the various pieces of technology and be sure that your radios are well-tuned and working together effectively. Our team has access to the correct software and training that will have your organization getting great value from your new two way radios in no time. Contact our Altech Electronics team at 718-266-7863 or via email to to learn more about staying connected with the power of Motorola digital radios.

Why Your Business Needs Motorola Commercial Two Way Radios

Is your business suffering from slowdowns due to a lack of communication or mixed messages? If so, you’re not alone. Poor communication in the workplace is estimated to cost tens of billions of dollars in lost productivity over time. Anytime collaboration is slightly off, it doesn’t take long for breakdowns in your operations to occur. The speed of business is increasing exponentially and so are your customers’ expectations. You can cause a lot of damage to your brand if your team is unable to meet deadlines. This is true of nearly every type of organization from small plumbing or electrical contractors to massive warehouses shipping millions of dollars of goods on a daily basis. Fortunately, Motorola commercial walkie talkie options provide a way for employees to stay in touch and to stay on task.

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Benefits of Motorola Commercial Radios

There are times when an email or direct chat message simply isn’t good enough to get your message across, and you need immediate communication with and acknowledgment from an individual or group. With Motorola commercial two way radios in hand, your staff members can always be reached with the push of a button, allowing you to broadcast a message in seconds and ensure that others have heard you and are able to take action if necessary. Getting business accomplished quickly and efficiently is the hallmark of a profitable company, and that holds true for service organizations such as home contractors. With a Motorola commercial walkie talkie in hand at the home office and with each member of the service team in the field, you can immediately let people know of situations that could impact their day such as inclement weather, a fast-turn request for an irate customer and more.

Using Motorola Commercial Two Way Radio for Safety

A stressful event can cause panic, during times of uncertainty it is extremely important to be able to communicate quickly and calmly. This is especially the case in the event of an emergency. The event staff at a concert, festival or sporting event needs to be able to connect as quickly as possible to prevent additional issues from arising, like a stampede of people attempting to exit the building at the same time. The importance of being easily connected is also important in an office environment. For instance, giving each floor or area supervisor long-range two-way radios boosts coordination and communication, which are vital in the event of a fire or other emergencies. It’s not difficult for cell towers to become overwhelmed during a situation, and having a set of walkie talkies on hand can help ensure that people are able to be quickly moved to safety when necessary.

motorola commercial two way radios, motorola commercial radios, motorola commercial walkie talkie, long range two way radios


  • Companies need always fast, efficient and easy to use communication to broadcast important messages
  • Motorola long range two way radios help encourage active communication and collaboration
  • Protect your staff and customers with commercial walkie talkies
  • Companies can boost efficiencies and improve customer experience by speeding up processing times and ensuring the accuracy of orders

Protecting your staff and smoothing operations requires clean lines of communication at all times, which is why having access to push-to-talk technology such as the Motorola TLK100 long range two way radios are so important. When your business can’t wait for inadequate mobile access for communications, contact the professionals at Altech Electronics at 718-266-7863 or via email to to schedule your free initial consultation. Our team will work with you to help understand the unique needs of your business and how to provide the level of communications that you need to maintain security and provide exceptional service to your customers.

Two-Way Radios Increase Efficiency for Hospitality Teams

Quick communication is a necessity in the hospitality industry, from the front-desk staff rapidly coordinating room availability to property managers addressing their residents’ needs and this holds true for all types of hospitality — from property management professionals to restaurant owners and hotel staff. Keeping the flow of information moving is vital to ensuring that your customers have the best possible experience, or you will be quick to hear about the problems they encountered in online reviews! When customers realize that your teams are able to jump right into a problem and provide resolution in minutes, they will be singing your praises instead of telling people to avoid your establishment at all costs. Safeguard your property and boost customer satisfaction by using always-on radio communication for your teams.

Benefits of Two Way Radios for Restaurants

Have your servers ever been frustrated by getting too many guests added to their section when they are already running behind? What if your line cooks suddenly run out of the special — only to find that servers are still pushing this particular item to diners? This lack of instant communication causes excessive frustration for staff members as well as a poor experience for customers. It ultimately affects your bottom line, as meals might need to be comped to make up for poor performance levels. With radios available for key staff members, the lines of communication are reopened and team members are able to work together more fluidly and effectively as they learn the value of this instant access to each other to solve problems collaboratively.

Finding the Best Radios for Hotels

Imagine this scenario: your housekeeping staff member is working in a room and suddenly discovers that there is a massive leak that seems to be coming from the room next door that could potentially cause permanent damage to the floor. While they can clean up the water that’s already forming, this person may not have the know-how to fix a leak. He or she calls your maintenance team on their cell phone — no answer. Tries the front desk — no answer, they’re helping other customers. While your housekeeper attempts to track down some assistance with a cell phone, that might have bad reception deep inside a large hotel, your property is slowly being damaged under an avalanche of water. The scenario is quite different if you have invested in the best walkie talkies for hotels. Your housekeeper quickly flicks on his or her two-way radio and is immediately connected to multiple individuals who are able to converge on the room and provide immediate triage — potentially saving you thousands of dollars in damages.

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Two Way Radios for Hospitality Will Save You Money

While purchasing radios when your staff already has cell phones that can be utilized for communication may initially look like an unnecessary expense, it doesn’t take long to see the value that radios bring to the hospitality industry. How can you be confident that all employees have everyone’s contact information stored on their phones? It will also take a significantly longer time for an individual to reach the right person while the phone rings. With radios, there’s no need to remember phone numbers or search through lengthy contact lists to find the right person and possibly being sent to voicemail when you do find the correct contact. You simply push a button and speak. With 84% of companies that focus on customer experience seeing a revenue boost from their efforts, it’s easy to see why this is important.

best walkie talkies for hotels, best walkie talkie for hospitality, two way radios for hotels, two way radios for restaurants


  • Restaurants, hotels, and property management offices have an increasing focus on customer experience
  • Fast, active communication is key to boosting customer ratings
  • Radios provide the best solution to reducing the time required for critical actions in the hospitality industry

Seeing the true value of using two way radios for hotels comes when you fully understand the capabilities of the systems. Contact the professionals at Altech Electronics today by calling 718-266-7863 or via email to for more information or to schedule your free initial consultation. Our teams have been helping the hospitality industry communicate more efficiently and effectively in the New York City, Long Island and Westchester County areas for years, and we can help you find the best walkie talkie for hospitality teams.

Boost Response Times with Two-Way Radios for Hospital Use

Every second matters in a hospital. This immediacy in health care requires the quickest form of communication available. 

Whether you need to reach out to someone on your operations team about a malfunctioning machine or reach a specific nurses’ station, having access to an always-on and immediate form of communication can truly make the difference between life and death. Hospital communication devices can be notoriously difficult to manage in a healthcare setting. These large buildings are often older architecture, that is not built to maintain exceptional cell phone reception throughout the space. Instead of relying on cell phones as your primary mode of outreach, walkie talkies for healthcare are the option that will help smooth operations and improve the patient experience and safety.

Importance of Immediate Access to Hospital Communication Devices

Empowering patients to become full partners in their care is a rising trend for hospitals, something that is only possible with the cooperation of staff and access to the right information at the right time. Push to talk, or radio-based devices, are becoming increasingly important in healthcare as care teams coordinate to provide top-notch care for their patients. This could be anything from an EMT sending a message ahead to have teams on-call to a team leader letting their staff know to expect blizzard conditions as they perform home healthcare visits. Each of these scenarios allows your healthcare team to improve the quality of care that they can provide to patients without significantly adding to their communication costs over time. 

SIM card based radios are a new wave of solutions that provide many of the same benefits of a mobile phone but with the enhanced range and availability of walkie talkies for healthcare. Having access to these devices can reduce patient wait times and provider costs simultaneously.

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The Rise of Consumerism in Healthcare

Patients increasingly want real-time feedback throughout their journey, something that can be difficult to provide without access to fast and reliable methods of communication. The healthcare market is becoming increasingly fractured, with large hospitals and doctors competing against small clinics and ambulatory surgical centers for patient attention. With 51% of patients in a recent survey stating that they would switch providers simply to receive better (and faster!) service, it’s vital that healthcare entities are able to react to changing situations with fluidity and ease. Patient perception of their time within a healthcare facility can be quickly changed with the addition of communication devices that allow more rapid transfers, fewer delays in service and a more consistent experience for patients.

2 way radio for healthcare, 2 way radios for hospital use, walkie talkies for healthcare, motorola radios for healthcare, hospital communication devices


  • Protecting the health of patients requires access to immediate methods of communication.
  • A positive patient experience relies on seamless operations and efficient conversations.
  • Two way radios are more consistent and reliable than mobile devices in a hospital setting.

Whether you are just getting started with your first set of Motorola radios or are looking for an upgrade on your current communication system, the professionals at Altech Electronics are here to help. Our highly-trained and qualified teams are well-versed in working with healthcare entities of all sizes and can help recommend the best 2 way radio for healthcare use based on your particular situation. We serve organizations throughout the New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island area with trusted Motorola solutions that will boost the efficiency of your communications. Contact Altech Electronics today at 718-266-7863 or via email to to schedule your free initial consultation.

Motorola Security Radios Form the Cornerstone of Security Operations

Security has never been more important. Events get bigger. Assets are more valuable. There are so many ways for problems to arise. Security teams have to be sharper, better and more organized than ever before. When it comes to private security, the backbone of every task is communication. Teams need to be alert and coordinated — whether handling building security, massive events or any of the other countless scenarios that arise in the industry. With communication being so important, it’s important to understand how radio technology has improved in recent years and what it can do for your security operations.

TLK 100 in Private Security

The TLK 100 is a great example of a radio for security because it utilizes a SIM card. This almost hybridizes cell phone and radio technology — giving the best of both worlds for long-range, real-time communication.

The SIM design allows the radio to access cellular networks. This expands the range of the radios, so a security company working across all five boroughs of New York could stay on the same radio channel. Realistically, this range is nationwide. An office in L.A. could talk with an office in New York using the same radios.

Even with that range, the TLK 100 still functions like a traditional radio. It’s still build around a push-to-talk functionality. The radio is constantly connected to the line, so there is no dialing or startup lag between pushing the button and communicating with others.

Motorola TLK100

Improving Security With Diversified Resources

Great security is achieved by utilizing every resource available. Cameras, facial recognition, massive communication and so many other technological tools are all important to running private security. Radios are at their best when they are supported by all of these resources.

While cameras and software work hard to identify problems, radios serve as the lynchpin of communication. While a TLK radio provides long-range communication, it can be supplemented with a traditional radio that guarantees signal even in adverse conditions. It’s possible to link multiple radios to a consolidated ear and voice system. Alternatively, backup radios can support a primary SIM channel to ensure communication won’t fail. Diversified technology breeds options.

Will a full suite of resources, security teams can stay informed and organized, allowing personnel to always be at their best, whether going through a mundane routine or facing the most adverse scenarios.

security guard talks on walkie talkie while viewing video footage

Building Resources Around Motorola Security Radios

Since communication will always remain at the heart of good security, Motorola security radios can form the baseline of security equipment. They create a foundation by providing the following:

  • Nationwide push-to-talk communication
  • Persistent uptime for radios
  • Reliable communication even when cell phone service is unavailable
  • Instant voice relaying for the fastest communication

Contact us today to talk about all of your Motorola security radio options. We’ll help you find a match for the type of security you provide — empowering you to keep communication and organization in top shape without committing to technology you don’t need.

How Motorola Construction Radios Provide Communication on Work Sites

Construction in New York City is tough in unique ways. Projects tend to reach taller than most locations. When you’re trying to coordinate work between people on the ground and in the sky, you need to be able to communicate clearly and consistently. Without the right tools, progress will grind to a halt, and the project will have no hope of being completed. The simplest solution can often be the best, and for construction communication, that solution is two-way radios.

The Importance of Radios in Construction

Communication may be important in any line of work, but real-time communication is vital to safety and progress in construction. If a worker on the 40th floor needs to coordinate with someone on the ground, communication delays could put people in harm’s way.

Being hundreds of feet in the air, communication gaps represent a significant safety concern. Even the delay of using relays or flags is enough to create problems. Real-time communication is the only solution, and it is best achieved with two-way radios.

Radios vs Cell Phones

Since everyone already owns a cell phone, it might be tempting to use them on a construction site. Radios are superior for a few reasons. First, radios can work as push-to-talk or voice activation. This makes them truly hands free, and when a person is on a ladder a hundred feet above the ground, hands-free is incredibly important.

It’s also considerably more complicated to communicate via phones. A radio can be always on and always connected. There is no dialing or waiting for signals. Additionally, radio batteries can last through an entire work day. Cell phone batteries could never sustain an active call for so long.
There’s also the issue of durability. Radios are simpler devices, and they can be made to withstand more physical abuse than phones. It makes them a more reliable choice in a construction zone. It also makes them a more affordable choice.

Important Features

Motorola construction radios with the right features can provide ample communication resources to safely conduct a construction site. Speaker mics are one of the most important features. They allow radios to be completely hands-free for workers.

Construction radios also need to have higher dust-proofing than average radios. A stronger ingress protection rating will ensure that the radios will not be damaged by environmental conditions on the work site.
Additional ruggedness is also valuable. Drop and shock protection allow the radios to remain operational even when they undergo the type of abuse that is typical in construction. It allows a single set of radios to handle communication until the job is completed — rather than forcing the crew to constantly replace the equipment.

Motorola Construction Radios Do the Job

Good construction radios solve the communications problems that face construction sites in the tri-state area. They do so by offering clear benefits that include the following:

  • Persistent two-way communication
  • Hands-free operation
  • All day battery life
  • Simple operation
  • Ruggedness and durability

Every construction site needs good radios. Contact Altech today to see what options are available for your next project.