Manhattan Areas Served

When it comes to serving two-way radio systems and Motorola commercial two-way radios, there isn’t a borough that we aren’t able to serve. We have been serving the New York metropolitan area for decades. This is no exception to Queens. Our radios are deployed throughout the borough and our technicians are ready to help when needed. Altech understands the demand for two-way radios and Motorola radios in the Queens borough. We can deliver innovative mobile and radio communications to service your business regardless of what it might be serving for your business. Being an authorized Motorola dealer and Motorola Solutions Channel Partner serving New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester County and New York City, we can help you avoid any communication issues that you may have on the job.

Our Motorola Two-Way Radios

If you’re looking to get a job performed correctly and have the most efficient communications system, you can rely on our Motorola products. Whether it be radio repeaters, Motorola commercial walkie talkies, or two-way radios, our team of communications experts have extensive knowledge regarding installations and mobile two-way radio products. We’re an authorized Motorola Premier Service Partner and Solutions Platinum Channel Partner that has been in the electronics industry for over 48 years. Across just about every single industry, we have been providing reliable and effective mobile communication solutions and radio system products for almost half a century. Given our experience, our team has the knowledge to help make sure your communication system meets your needs. We can provide you with the most innovative communication and mobile systems on the market today. We are the best choice for your two-way radio supplies and business two-way radio companies. Whether it be for business, industrial or public safety, we’re here for your communication needs in Queens.

Why Two-Way Radios in Queens?

Regardless of the industry you are in, it’s the process of maintaining communication that keeps a project running smoothly. Construction companies, contractors, emergency personnel and countless other occupations require open channels for communication. Although many assume that cellular telephones are the most common for communication on a job site, they are not always reliable. If your phone has a low battery or poor reception, it can have serious repercussions. If your team isn’t able to communicate, it can cause the work to come to a complete halt. Clear consistent communication is especially important during an emergency when every second matters. If a cell phone doesn’t have service during an emergency, the ramifications can be life or death. A two-way radio can help avoid all these problems. Two-way radios are built to provide excellent communication with little to no drops in service. Handheld radios can also function through radio signals or cell towers. Solely dependent on what your business requires, the best of these options will vary. Some versions of two-way radios allow service to be routed through smartphones via an application. In addition to providing incredible communication, such an app allows one to expand the reach of their service.

Who We Are

In the New York metropolitan areas we’re one of the largest specialists in the market of two-way radio communications. Whether it be handheld two-way radios, APX 8000, Mototrbo assistance, mobile two way radio assistance, Motorola Radio Programming, Motorola radio repair, commercial two-way radios, pagers for sale, or Motorola mobile radios, we’ll have you covered when communication is vital. In the boroughs of Queens and Manhattan alone, we handle the largest network of security radio communications. This number roughly consists of 5,000 two-way radios and an assortment of others operated and owned by leading businesses, building managers, and private store owners in greater NYC. Given the success we’ve had with communication technology in the NYC and New Jersey areas, it’s safe to say you’re in great hands with Altech. Contact us today for further information!