Philadelphia Areas Served

If you live in the Philadelphia area and are in need of two way radios or need to have your radios serviced, the experts here at Altech are here to serve you. Offering a wide variety of electronics as well as rentals, installation and repairs, if you are searching for products such as mobile two way radios Mototrbo radios, we are here to help.

Services Offered

If you are a resident of Philadelphia, please visit us for the following services:

  • Two Way Radios & System Set-Up: No matter why you need to purchase two way radios, we are here to make the process as simple as possible. The installation process involves several steps to ensure that your radios are fully functional. Our set up process includes installation within any vehicles while also ensuring that all the two way radios you purchase can communicate with one another correctly. We also repair them as needed.
  • External Antenna Installation: If you are seeking to maximize your Wi-Fi service, we’ve got you covered. Especially for those who are located in remote areas, installing an external antenna may be the best way to ensure that you have optimal reception. Adding an external antenna to your vehicle transforms your car into its own hotspot. This will allow your service to offer a much farther reach, which can also maximize your overall communication potential. These antennas are also great for traveling as they are able to pick up signals in areas that many cell phones cannot.
  • Internal Antenna Installation: Depending on the area you live in and your service needs, an internal antenna may be required. We help by attaching internal antennas to radios and other related communication devices to aid remote communication in areas that do not have sufficient coverage.
  • Siren Installation: If you are an emergency first responder or anyone who may need to use a siren for professional reasons, we install sirens on personal vehicles to ensure that you are never in a situation that keeps you from responding to an emergency as soon as possible.
  • Light Installation: Additionally, if you need emergency lights installed to work in conjunction with your sirens, we can install bright, high-quality emergency lights on your vehicle as well.

Products Offered

In addition to the services mentioned, we can also provide residents of Philadelphia with the following products:

  • Motorola Radios: One of the top products we offer are Motorola two way radios. These radios are ideal for anyone who needs a cost-effective and reliable method of communicating. Our Motorola TLK 100 and TLK 150 are one of our most popular offerings.
  • Sierra Wireless Products: We also offer Sierra Wireless, which is a company known for pioneering the Internet of Things (IoT). These products offer technology, connectivity solutions and management platforms that help to empower businesses of all kinds looking to push their companies forward, despite these issues.
  • Command Post 2 Way Radio: Lastly, we offer Command Post 2 Way Radios, which offers a reliable method of staying connected between posts.


  • Altech provides a wide variety of goods and services to Philadelphia residents.
  • We offer services such as two way radio system set-up, siren installation and pagers for sale.

No matter if you work in construction, as an emergency first responder, or anyone else who needs affordable, reliable and durable communication services and products, your friends here at Altech have you covered. We proudly serve the Philadelphia area, as well as many other areas nearby. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you and your team.