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Your Jersey City business, public safety group or other organization needs portable communications devices to work when it matters most. It is just as important that these devices work in an efficient manner. Our communications specialists have the portable radios, pagers and other tech devices your group needs to communicate with clarity regardless of the weather, location or other factors. Put your faith in our communications tools, services and team and you will find it really is that much easier to get through your workday.

The Industry’s Top Communications Devices for Your Jersey City Business

Your business or other organization needs flawless communications devices to fulfill its potential, serve clients, interact with co-workers and make the most of your workday. Unreliable communications tools or shoddy service simply will not suffice. The time has come to scrap your outdated tech and step on up to the best of the best. We have all your communications needs covered. Use our mobile two way radios, pagers for sale, Mototrbo radios and other communications equipment and you will find it really is that much easier to communicate with your team, clients and third-parties regardless of your location in Jersey City or beyond. Just as important is the fact that our experienced Motorola service department is here to provide invaluable support that keeps your operations humming along. All in all, our two way communications specialists have 20+ years of experience. We know all the ins and outs of the latest radio communication devices. This is the knowledge and expertise your Jersey City company needs to get work done with efficiency.

The Latest and Greatest Communications Tech for Your Jersey City Business

We have all the communications tools and services your Jersey City company needs to get the most out of your 8-hour workday. Between our Wave App that converts your smartphone into a PTT handset for rapid communication and mapping/location, Wave dispatch for internet dispatching and multimedia communication, Motorola commercial two way radios and beyond, we’ve got all the best tech for your company. Whether you work in transportation, public safety, communications, government or a Jersey City private company of another sort, chances are your group can benefit from our communications solutions. Our two way radios have helped countless businesses across a litany of industries throughout Jersey City and beyond.

A Trusted Partner

Altech Electronics has separated itself from the pack by becoming an authorized Motorola Solutions Channel Partner. We are Jersey City’s most respected Motorola dealer, serving the entirety of the New York Metropolitan area all the way to Jersey City. Our Motorola two way radios, radio repeaters, commercial walkie-talkies and communications experts make it that much easier for your personnel to communicate in a clear, fluid and efficient manner. We have provided Jersey City businesses with the best Motorola radios, mobile communications solutions and radio systems for nearly half a century. Our team can even perform installations, ensuring you enjoy the integration of seamless communication that helps your company reach the next level.

We Provide and Service the Mobile Communications Devices Your Jersey City Business Counts On

It is not always possible to communicate with your team, clients or others through traditional means. There are plenty of instances when it is better to use two way radios and other mobile communications solutions. These communications alternatives are especially important during emergencies. Motorola provides a litany of two way radios, pagers and other devices to help your Jersey City teamwork with unparalleled efficiency. Whether you want to talk over the radio or send a text message, these nifty devices let you do just that with quite the lengthy battery life to ensure the communication can continue for hours to come.


  • Altech Electronics is proud to serve Jersey City businesses and public organizations.
  • Our mobile electronic devices and services make it easier for you to get work done.
  • We are one of NY’s most experienced and accomplished Motorola service departments.
  • We provide unparalleled customer service that keeps your business operating like a well-oiled machine.

Altech Electronics is on Your Side

If you own, manage or work for a business, you can benefit from our mobile communications solutions and services. Reach out to us today to find out more about how portable communications services and products can help your Jersey City business. You can contact us by dialing (718) 266-7863 or emailing [email protected]. You can also reach us through our convenient online contact form.