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Emergency and Safety When Communication Matters Most

Schools, fitness centers, manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and sales offices are only a few of the countless Staten Island businesses that benefit from smart communication solutions. For those looking for mobile two way radio solutions such as Motorola radios like the Mototrbo or TLK 100 options, Altech Electronics is here to help!

At Altech, businesses discover the power of mobile two way radios and pagers for sale. Altech customers also get the benefit of having the help of an experienced service team. Our team is staffed with certified two-way communications technicians with an average of 20 years of experience. So when it comes to keeping your employees and customers safe, you can trust Altech.

The Smart and Reliable Communication Solution for Safety

In the ultra-technical world today, it is easy for people to become enamored with the bells and whistles of all the newest, latest and greatest technology devices. Smartphones can surf, take pictures, allow people to play games and chat on social media platforms and sometimes we even use them to make a call. When it comes to being a smart and reliable option for emergencies, however, these high-tech gadgets are less than ideal.

Many manufacturing industries are dangerous or dirty. Construction sites offer other challenges, and even the food industries can create many issues for smartphone users. Two-way radio options, like the aforementioned Motorola radios, deliver communications solutions that are both reliable and durable. If the power ever goes out, the battery life of mobile two way radio devices outperforms those of smartphones.

When Connection Matters Most

What do you do when your communication depends on battery life and longevity? That is when businesses realize the importance of two-way radio, and hopefully before they need it. Companies in Staten Island and all over New York and New Jersey are also no strangers to storms, inclement weather and issues that interfere or prevent cell-tower signals. That is why those who are prepared for emergencies have communication when it matters most, with mobile two-way radio solutions.

The Other Smart Reasons to Use Two-Way Radio Solutions

Businesses in Staten Island can also enhance their security measures using mobile two-way communication solutions. In addition to being the preferred choice of comm device among many emergency and first responder personnel, two-way radio options also can protect companies from cybercriminals. Reducing or eliminating access to company data by eliminating any network or internet connection by default makes communication among employees and internal staff safer.

The expense of providing more reliable, more durable, and ideal communication devices when it matters most can also be accomplished affordably. Unlike supplying a staff or employees with smartphones, the cost of using two-way radio devices provides considerable savings because of their longevity.


When it matters most, and when secure and reliable communication solution counts, companies count on mobile two way radio communication solutions. There are many reasons for that confidence too, some of which include:

  • Greater reliability- when the battery dies, two-way radios won’t leave you in the dark
  • Improves security – two-way radios are the best option when emergencies strike, and result in less access to company information and data
  • Ease of Communication- there is no need to worry about a lack of service or a lost contact when the entire team is just a push of a button away
  • Communication expenses – two-way radios are a cost-effective measure and can be used for primary communication among employees and staff

If your company is looking for smart and reliable communication options, then let the professional and experienced team at Altech help. From communication essentials to emergency needs, contact Altech!