5 Big Benefits to Motorola’s Integrated Ecosystem

At Altech Electronics, our reliable communication services and support ensure that your operations are productive, safe, and cost-effective no matter what the situation might require. With more than 50 years of on-the-ground experience, we are one of the largest and most experienced Motorola service departments in the New York City, NJ, Long Island, and Westchester County areas. When you need reliable service, we deliver the industry-leading communications you need via long-range, commercial technical solutions for business, public safety, communities, and beyond.

Here are the five big benefits to Motorola’s new integrated ecosystem that we support:

1. The Power of Detection

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We’ve created technological solutions that allow us to make schools and other public areas safe. We offer the ability to better capture and process data with:

  • License Plate Recognition: This feature protects the license plate, while effectively scanning the license plate. With approval, the gate opens.
  • Radio Alert: This feature receives access control and video analytics alerts, with your two-way radio functionality via text message.
  • Access Control: This scannable control functionality allows access control via IDs or badges.

These technological detection features are designed to support easy entry and tracking in specific areas based on safety and security concerns.

2. Dive Into Analytics

Analytics support safety with quick search and interactivity functionality.

  • Identity Search: The camera will remember what people are wearing, for instance, a white shirt, blue jeans, etc.
  • Unusual Motion and Activity: If the camera picks up any unusual motion or activity a mass notification will go out to staff.

3. Waves of Communication

All of the communication is unified between voice, video, data, and analytics. The dispatch software instantly notifies the police or appropriate authority figures. The software allows real-time communication to respond to the situation.

4. Guaranteed First Response

  • Mass Notification: The second one of the cameras notices a person or license plate that doesn’t match their databases, a mass notification is sent out to staff.
  • Incident Reporting: Track, report, and store every detail about the incident as part of the standard communication and workflow, and is accessible from web-enabled devices.

5. Reimagining Safety

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We believe that safety, efficiency, and productivity are deeply interrelated.

By using Motorola’s integrated ecosystem, we support mission-critical situations. We help you quickly and efficiently solve the challenges that you face in industry-specific cases for stadiums, hospitals, airports, utilities, and manufacturing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Motorola’s integrated ecosystem uses unified communications between voice, video, data, and analytics.
  • By using Motorola’s integrated ecosystem you can respond to mission-critical situations safely, efficiently, and productively. 

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