IoT and Sierra Wireless

IoT is short for “Internet of Things,” and it is a term that loosely refers to the interconnected network of devices all around us, each recognized as separate objects while also capable of communicating with one another. In this blog, we’ll dive into exactly what counts as a wireless IoT device and how Sierra Wireless Internet of Things is helping many industries. 

What Counts as a Wireless IoT Device?

Wireless IoT refers to objects that would not usually be expected to be connected to the internet. For example, a PC is not considered to be part of wireless IoT, but a smart thermostat or smartwatch is. Thus, any objects that can be connected to the internet to transmit information, such as sensors, or communicate, such as light bulbs that can be controlled virtually, count as wireless IoT devices.

You can also have private or public wireless IoT solutions. A private solution creates a protected network to which only authorized devices can connect, whereas a public solution is connected to the internet. Furthermore, you can leverage routers, such as those from Sierra Wireless to connect to the Internet of Things, which comes in different forms depending on the intended applications.

IoT and Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless AirLink® RV55 for Utilities and Public Safety Applications

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Is your team in need of 5G connectivity while working in an intense environment with poor signal strength? Look no further than the AirLink® RV55, which brings the Sierra Wireless Internet of Things anywhere you need it—no, really, anywhere. This is why it’s so popular with utility workers and emergency responders.

The AirLink® RV55 is built to work wherever you take it, and its low power consumption makes it a fantastic tool to use in situations where solar power or battery power are needed. Achieve high-speed data connectivity wherever you are, with signal strength that can even accommodate video. Connect your devices and equipment using the RV55, and stay functional no matter how challenging the conditions.

Sierra Wireless AirLink® LX60 For Retail, Industrial, and Commercial Fleet Applications

For connecting devices via LTE and Wi-Fi, the AirLink® LX60 should be your go-to. The AirLink® LX60 is highly portable and designed to run on low power. This router uses LTE/LTE-M connectivity, but can also tap into 3G/4G/LTE cellular networks if they are available. Retail offices, POS, taxi fleets, and even small industrial IoT needs can be met using this sleek commercial router. 

The LX60 offers taxis many advantages including fare payment, Wi-Fi services for passengers, and car-hailing mobile applications. With GNSS capabilities it can connect to the dashcam for video surveillance and schedule management system. Even better, with the AirLink® Complete Pro, the LX60 can be remotely managed and monitored in a bunch of different taxis making it the perfect solution to increase revenue and connect applications. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The Internet of Things is a term that loosely refers to the interconnected network of devices all around us.
  • The AirLink® RV55 gives your team 5G connectivity while working in an intense environment with poor signal. 
  • The AirLink® LX60 acts as a backup connectivity system for many retail offices, POS systems, and taxi fleets in case their primary network fails.

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