Motorola’s Safety Reimagined

Motorola two-way radio communication is the best way to ensure that you and your team are ready and connected when it’s most essential. Our reliable communication services and support at Altech Electronics are the best way to ensure that your operations are productive, safe, and cost-effective. When you need reliable service, we offer industry-leading communications via long-range, commercial two-way radios for business, public safety, and beyond.

Motorola Safety Reimagined

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Motorola Solutions has created an ecosystem to unify the technologies that keep us safe on one single platform. The reimagined safety features focus on voice, video, data, and analytics. At Altech Electronics, we’ve been in the communications business for nearly 50 years, as one of the largest and most experienced Motorola dealers and service departments in the New York City, NJ, Long Island, and Westchester County areas. Our trained technicians support Motorola commercial two-way radios for a variety of industries. Here are the key features of Motorola’s safety reimagined:

Motorola’s Mototrbo Ion 

This device is one of the most efficient, intuitive, and high-tech communications devices on the market. Features include push-to-talk functionality, broadband data, all-on voice capabilities, video, scanning, and picture-taking capability. As well as an open app design characteristics of an Android phone. Thus, the Motorola Ion is a groundbreaking device that is rugged and well-built to serve you and your team for years to come. 

Avigilon Security Solutions 

This security solution allows you to easily monitor an area, so you can identify and respond to potential security concerns. You can also find out who you are looking for faster since you can search for physical descriptions such as age, gender, or clothing color. 

Radio Alert 

Takes advantage of video management software to instantly receive video analytics and access control alerts directly to your two-way radio via text message. This allows you to streamline workflow across the organization.

Ally Incident Management

Allows you to track, report, and even store details about incidents as part of the standard communications and workflow. All of the data is accessible from web-enabled devices.

Nitro Private LITE 

Helps you improve your productivity, saving time and money.

Critical Connect 

The AirLink Connection Manager (ACM) with critical connect ties mission-critical applications with people while reducing cost.

Avtec Dispatch

Dispatch software supports fast and secure communications for mission-critical purposes. Standardize your dispatch process and workflow with a dashboard view of assigned or pending calls and available units. Also, keep your team in touch across different devices, networks, and locations. 

Communicator: Mass Notification 

Send emergency messages to any audience at a moment’s notice with automated alerts sent by text, email, or voice message from any device.

CommandCentral Aware Enterprise

Integrates real-time intelligence for safety, security, and service operations. You can also streamline incident intelligence with direct communication connections to your facility and local law enforcement. 

We consult with you to determine the Motorola security radios that will best meet your needs. We offer high-quality radio communication solutions that are efficient, secure, and cost-effective for your business. We offer a range of services and inventory, including pagers, mobile and portable radios, wireless data consoles, repeaters, and dispatch systems.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Altech Electronics is proud to provide you and your team with the highest quality two-way communications solutions.
  • AltechElectronics offers industry-leading communications via long-range, commercial two-way radios for business, hospitality, public safety, etc.
  • Altech Electronics is a trailblazer in the communications industry, with a wide range of radio communications inventory and systems.

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