Motorola Security Radios Form the Cornerstone of Security Operations

Security has never been more important. Events get bigger. Assets are more valuable. There are so many ways for problems to arise. Security teams have to be sharper, better and more organized than ever before. When it comes to private security, the backbone of every task is communication. Teams need to be alert and coordinated — whether handling building security, massive events or any of the other countless scenarios that arise in the industry. With communication being so important, it’s important to understand how radio technology has improved in recent years and what it can do for your security operations.

TLK 100 in Private Security

The TLK 100 is a great example of a radio for security because it utilizes a SIM card. This almost hybridizes cell phone and radio technology — giving the best of both worlds for long-range, real-time communication.

The SIM design allows the radio to access cellular networks. This expands the range of the radios, so a security company working across all five boroughs of New York could stay on the same radio channel. Realistically, this range is nationwide. An office in L.A. could talk with an office in New York using the same radios.

Even with that range, the TLK 100 still functions like a traditional radio. It’s still build around a push-to-talk functionality. The radio is constantly connected to the line, so there is no dialing or startup lag between pushing the button and communicating with others.

motorola tlk 100

Improving Security With Diversified Resources

Great security is achieved by utilizing every resource available. Cameras, facial recognition, massive communication and so many other technological tools are all important to running private security. Radios are at their best when they are supported by all of these resources.

While cameras and software work hard to identify problems, radios serve as the lynchpin of communication. While a TLK radio provides long-range communication, it can be supplemented with a traditional radio that guarantees signal even in adverse conditions. It’s possible to link multiple radios to a consolidated ear and voice system. Alternatively, backup radios can support a primary SIM channel to ensure communication won’t fail. Diversified technology breeds options.

Will a full suite of resources, security teams can stay informed and organized, allowing personnel to always be at their best, whether going through a mundane routine or facing the most adverse scenarios.

security guard talks on walkie talkie while viewing video footage

Building Resources Around Motorola Security Radios

Since communication will always remain at the heart of good security, Motorola security radios can form the baseline of security equipment. They create a foundation by providing the following:

  • Nationwide push-to-talk communication
  • Persistent uptime for radios
  • Reliable communication even when cell phone service is unavailable
  • Instant voice relaying for the fastest communication

Contact us today to talk about all of your Motorola security radio options. We’ll help you find a match for the type of security you provide — empowering you to keep communication and organization in top shape without committing to technology you don’t need.