Top Five Reasons To Use A Motorola TLK 100 For Remote Team Communications

If you work with remote teams, you understand the need to stay in touch. Whether it’s keeping your team productive, or emergency crews working repairs, communication is crucial.

Whatever the situation, you cannot wait for your employees to check their phones for email or text. You need to get in touch with your team quickly and efficiently. That’s where the TLK 100 comes in. Using WAVE two radios and technology, you can keep track of your team, no matter the task.

motorola tlk 100

Five Reasons Remote Team Management Requires a TLK 100 

Two-way radios can be a great tool if your team works in close proximity to each other. But if you need communication across larger areas, you need a reliable network. The network we use covers more than 98% of the U.S. population and 2.56 square million miles.

The Motorola TLK 100 system is backed by two of the largest communications companies in the U.S. You can be sure of a reliable connection when you need one.

Easy Set-Up and Management

Many other systems require some kind of complicated programming skills to get started. Organizations might have to hire a programmer or pay the distributor an extra fee to create a radio network. The beauty with these radios is that set up is easy.  Once fully charged, you can activate your WAVE radio online

Weather Emergencies are Increasing

While some years are worse than others, weather-based emergencies are increasing. The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) is one of many organizations tracking such data. Their website indicates that in 2018, there were 14 different major weather disasters. A major disaster is defined as one causing over one billion dollars in damage. This, of course, ignores the smaller weather issues that can happen every day.

Every organization needs some kind of weather emergency plan. If you are hit, you will need to coordinate with damage control teams. You will need a way to communicate information about service continuation or rerouting options.

Two-way radios with a reliable network are a major part of any disaster preparedness plan.

Better Than Cell Phones for Groups

Cell phones are great for contacting an individual or sending routine texts. However, sometimes you need immediate voice communication. Hands-free two-way radio kits can allow drivers to respond safely.

Two-way radios also allow location tracking and reliably clear audio. Most importantly, unlike text, radio systems can allow real-time group conversations. If you don’t have a two way radio, there’s also an app you can use to connect to your team’s system. 

Centralized Communications Management

One of the best benefits for managers is the ability to provide reliable, manageable communication systems. With centralized charging stations you can make sure every device is charged and ready. You will know at the end of every shift if a radio is missing.

Leaders can know they are able to reach every employee, every time.

Bottom Line

  • Two-Way Radios are better than cell phone texts because they provide real-time communication.
  • Leaders need a system that is accountable and easy to set-up and manage.

Don’t get caught out in the storm! Contact Altech Electronics today to get a quote for the Motorola TLK 100 or another commercial communication system to meet your needs.