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Emergency Response SWAT Team Firefighter with Two-Way Radio

Public Safety Radios

As an experienced Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer, we know that finding the most reliable Public Safety Radios is critical to protecting communities. We provide many Motorola digital mobile and portable radio devices with Motorola's MotoTRBO line that have proven their reliability and durability. We aim to keep you focused on the mission at hand by equipping you with the most dependable public safety radios. When it comes to protecting the public safety, clear communication is necessary. Our Motorola inventory of radios and systems will get the job done without being a distraction. We provide public safety radios that have a full range of features to organize large workforces as well as mobile computers and dispatch consoles.

We are particularly sensitive to the needs of first responders and manage the largest manned security radio communications in the borough of Manhattan and Queens, NY. We also designed and manufacture the Emergency Post Radio, which is currently used by the F.D.N.Y. as well as many other public service divisions.

Security and event officials can also operate smoothly and safely with our reliable Motorola radios. ALTECH strives to provide the best public safety radios and to ensure proper operation at all times.

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