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Motorola TLK 100

Communication is essential for businesses today and the right rugged two-way radio can make a world of difference. There are countless radio systems on the market today with many bells and whistles and at varying price points. The key for businesses is to find an effective and affordable communications system. Basically, you need a system that works and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to operate. The solution is the Motorola TLK 100 Radio. This radio has all the features many businesses need to communicate effectively with workers, even workers spread out over great distances. It also offers the added benefit of outstanding affordability.

Why Choose The TLK 100 As A Rugged Two-Way Radio for Your Team?

Communication is a challenge for many businesses, especially those that work over wider distances throughout New York and New Jersey. Among the top benefits of this radio are things like crisp clear audio, location tracking service, manual programming, and long battery life. With light use, this radio battery can last up to 10 hours before it needs recharging. Heavy users may need to recharge after five hours. That is beneficial for businesses that operate more than eight hours a day – most of which are involved in manual labor rather than radio use.

Other benefits of the radio involve the fact that it is lightweight, easy-to-use, and durable. It offers businesses real-time communications capabilities and the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity. Perhaps the best feature is that you can use it as a standard push-to-talk radio where you communicate with your entire time or you can initiate private communications between yourself and a single member of your team. It is this type of flexibility that makes this radio so effective for businesses in today’s workplace.

What Sets the TLK 100 Radio Apart from Others on the Market?

Rather than operating on a radio frequency, this device is a SIM radio. What this means for businesses is that you do not need to pay for access to towers in all the areas where your people operate in order to communicate effectively with the entire group. In fact, you can communicate over great distances for a single low rate.

What Industries does the TLK 100 Radio Serve?

There are many industries that benefit from using durable radios like the TLK 100. With an IP54 rating, the radio offers limited protection from dust and protection from water spray coming from any direction. This means you can safely use the radio outside in most conditions, even in construction and utility work. That is wonderful news for construction and utility crews that are spread out throughout New York and New Jersey on any given day. Other industries that may wish to consider TLK 100 radios include:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Linen Services
  • Delivery Services
  • Messenger Services
  • Energy
  • Field Services
  • Transportation
  • Event Planning
  • Office or Building Security

The list could go on and on. Essentially any business that has people operating out of the office, can benefit from using the TLK 100 radio.


These are a few key reasons for businesses to love and incorporate the TLK 100 radio:

  • Affordably priced monthly fees
  • Versatility for use in multiple industries
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Operates over long distances

From audio location tracking to help keep your workers “in sight” and on task even when they are out of sight, to extended battery life and crystal clear communication, there is a lot to appreciate about the TLK 100 radio. Contact us today to learn more about these impressive radios and what they have to offer your organization when it comes to better communication.

Motorola TLK 100 Accessories

Outfit your WAVE commercial two-way radio with the swivel Motorola TLK 100 accessories such as a Motorola Wave TLK 100 earpiece, carry holster, or compatible SL300 accessories.

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