The Motorola Mototrbo ION

When it comes to communication, you, your team, and everyone you do business with requires the best. Businesses of all types rely on two-way radios for clear and efficient communication. In particular, those who work in the hospitality and manufacturing industry need reliable communication devices. We are proud to be a Motorola dealer, Motorola Premier Service Partner, and Certified Service Partner, providing companies in all industries with elite communication tools. We are particularly proud to provide our clients with the Mototrbo Ion.

Motorola ION

An Inside Look at the Mototrbo Ion

The Mototrbo Ion is one of the most efficient, intuitive, and high-tech communications devices on the market. The Ion features instantaneous push-to-talk functionality that ensures you and your team can interact with one another right away. There is no need to carry multiple communication devices when you can instantly communicate with your team using the Mototrbo Ion. It has video and picture-taking capability, as well as scanning capability. This smart radio is also the first-ever communication device for businesses with both broadband data and all-on voice capabilities. Featuring the open app design characteristic of an Android phone, the Motorola Ion is groundbreaking in every sense of the word. The Ion is built to take a beating and keep on ticking. This is a rugged, well-built device sure to serve you and your team well for years into the future.

An Elite User Experience Design

If you or your team members are hesitant to implement a new communications device due to a potential learning curve, the Mototrbo Ion is a great option. This device is user-friendly and has a short learning curve. The Ion provides critically important information at a glance and has intuitive icons that allow for the smoothest possible user interface. Add in the fact that this touch device provides prompt and easy access to every radio feature and you have even more reason to implement it at your business.

An Android-based Design

Just about everyone who has used an Android phone agrees it is intuitive and easy to use. This is precisely why the Mototrbo Ion design draws inspiration from Android devices. The Ion features expansive multimedia capabilities on the Android platform along with an open app system. This empowers you to use all apps from the Google Play store ranging from G-Suite’s Maps to Gmail, Calendar, and beyond. In short, the device functions based on the reliable and easy-to-use Android user interface.

Once you use this two-way radio you will agree the user experience design is nearly flawless. The Mototrbo Ion is best thought of as an entry point to a much larger and more comprehensive tech ecosystem that consolidates voice, data, analytics, video, photo, and more. All of this technology is unified on a single platform for the utmost efficiency and ease of use. This ecosystem provides access to the ever-expanding app development network that helps your team operate with that much more efficiency.

Built for all Work Environments

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reliable communications device that functions in all environments? That is exactly what the Mototrbo Ion accomplishes. This device can go from Radio Frequency to LTE to WiFi without ever losing service. It is a durable and flexible communications device built to endure stresses ranging from water immersion to dust, harsh weather conditions. The Ion can even withstand upwards of two meters of water for a full two hours. The device is composed of uber-strong materials both on the interior and the exterior. For example, the touchscreen is made of rugged Gorilla Glass, and the device’s components are capable of withstanding a 4-ft. drop and still functioning without flaw.

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Crystal Clear Communication Without Exception

Try out the Ion for yourself and you will agree it provides elite audio. The device has industry-best features concerning clarity, volume, and noise suppression. The device’s communications are superior to those of the leading smartphones, ensuring you and your team can communicate as necessary and whenever desired. The device is even built with seemingly futuristic dual-microphone noise suppression to permit the clearest possible audio regardless of the work environment. There is also RSM speaker clarity to boost audio quality when RSM is connected. Suppression for acoustic feedback is automatically triggered as necessary to mitigate echoing. Furthermore, the device’s voice controls are carefully calibrated with sensitivity in mind so they function perfectly regardless of the background noise.


  • Altech Electronics is proud to provide you and your team with the new Mototrbo Ion
  • Motorola’s Mototrbo Ion is a trailblazer in the communications industry given all of the top-notch features

Altech Electronics is at Your Service

Altech is a Motorola dealer, two-way radio supplier, and solutions channel partner in NYC, NJ, Long Island, and beyond. We provide the industry’s best long-range communications devices for local businesses, public safety, and more. Reach out to us today to learn more about our communications devices. You can contact us by dialing 718.266.7863 or emailing [email protected]

The AirLink® LX60

The AirLink® LX60 router from Sierra Wireless provides LTE connectivity and Wi-FI for primary and backup applications such as retail, POS, taxis, commercial fleets, and building automation. Those who are interested in using innovative wireless solutions should consider investing in an AirLink® LX60. As the industry’s first LTE and LTE-M / NB-IoT router for commercial and enterprise applications like retail, POS, taxis, building automation, and industrial IoT, the AirLink® LX60 is highly revered given the various benefits it provides its users.

Sierra Wireless Products & (IoT) Connectivity Solutions

AirLink® LX60 Benefits

  • Out-of-Box Connectivity: One of the top benefits of the AirLink® LX60 is that it offers out-of-box connectivity. This makes it simple to install, service, and manage.
  • Environmental and Performance Compliance: The LX60 was created specifically to meet a diverse range of environmental and performance requirements. This includes industrial and mobile locations. This means it delivers premium-quality reliability and uninterrupted operation in all types of fixed, indoor, and protected outdoor environments.
  • IoT Compatibility: Another benefit of the AirLink® LX60 is that it is compatible with various IoT applications such as Building Automation, Digital Signage, Taxis, ATMs, Kiosks, and POS terminals.
  • Optional Wi-Fi + GNSS: Moreover, the LX60 may come complete with optional Wi-Fi + GNSS. This helps with shock, vibration, and vehicle power environments and can also meet the demands of taxis/light commercial companies that may require connectivity.
  • Remote Connectivity: The AirLink® LX60 offers the ability to control the network remotely from a secure connection.

AirLink® LX60 and Vehicle Connectivity

The taxi and limousine service industry has grown 9.5% on average per year between 2015 and 2020, with 85% of these companies dedicated budgets to IoT projects. By using the AirLink® LX60 in taxis, fare payment, location traction, Wi-Fi, and video applications can all be supported while ensuring safety and providing efficient transportation. Furthermore, the LX60’s built-in GNSS can connect to the agency’s route, schedule management system, and can handle the throughput of a dash camera for video surveillance. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The AirLink® LX60 provides LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity to a bunch of different applications such as; retail, POS, taxis, IoT, and building automation. 
  • The AirLink® LX60 is highly revered because it offers remote connectivity, Wi-Fi, and GNSS.
  • The AirLink® LX60 helps the taxi industry by providing fare payment, location traction, and video application support. 

Contact Altech Electronics Today!

For those who are seeking the premium-quality AirLink® LX60, Altech Electronics is here to help. Altech offers the best mobile, radio, and wireless solutions. The company is highly revered for offering premium-quality products and services, premium customer service, as well as convenient appointments for repairs and upgrades. Contact us today for a quote, a consultation, or more information about the products we offer.