How Altech Helps Keep Airports Safe with Communication Solutions

In these most uncertain times, finding the best ways to stay connected is vital. This is especially true for those who work in industries that involve dealing with large crowds of people and national/international travel. Thus, it is a great time for airports to assess their communication systems and make the necessary upgrades and changes to ensure they have reliable communication systems. With that in mind, the following is a closer look at how Altech and walkie talkies can help keep airports safe.

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Benefits of Using Two-Way Radios in Airports

Given that airports are intricately involved in our ability to live, work, and sustain ourselves on a daily basis, maintaining a sound communication system is essential. Nevertheless, many people seem to be stuck in the more antiquated methods of communication (i.e., cell phones and landlines). However, the following is a list of the benefits of using two-way radios for airport communication:

  • Instant Alerts: One of the top benefits of using walkie talkies for airport communication is that they allow for instant alerts. In fact, using a Motorola airband radio allows users to instantly receive notifications about video analytics and access control. These messages are sent directly to the two-way radio via text or text-to-voice alerts. This is a very important feature to have in areas that are as massive as the airport and that may require messages to be relayed site-wide, at a moment’s notice.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Another major benefit of using two-way radios for airport communication is that they are highly cost-effective. Rather than paying for a landline or cell phone, using two-way radios is one of the most cost-effective methods of securing company-wide communication.
  • Reliability: Two-way radios are also known for being incredibly reliable. Although, for the most part, other methods of communication are relatively reliable, in the face of a disaster or other unpredictable circumstances, they often fall flat. However, by using two-way radios, you can ensure that you have crisp, clear communication, no matter what.
  • Battery life/ Durability: Two-way radios also have a battery life that lasts all day and they are durable enough to withstand being dropped and handled roughly. They can be stored and recharged using one walkie talkie base station.
  • Compatibility: Also, two-way radios are compatible with an array of other Motorola products, which can help you create a comprehensive network of mobile solutions that can help you create a more secure network overall.

motorola airband radio, airline radio, walkie talkie base station, airport radio, Airline radio models

Key Takeaways:

  • Since airports are so intricately involved in our daily lives, they must maintain superior communication.
  • Using two-way radios offers airports the ability to send instant alerts across the entire campus and beyond.
  • Two-way radios are cost-effective, offer great battery life, and are more reliable than other methods of communication.

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