Motorola Services from Altech Electronics

Altech Electronics is proud to be a recognzied Platinum Motorola Solutions Radio Solutions Channel Partner and a member of the Certified Service Center Program. We offer a variety of mobile and portable radio services to improve communication efficiency. We service and carry repleacement parts, batteries, and accessories for all major brands, including NEXTEL, and because of our large buying power you will find our prices are tough to beat.

Radio Rentals for Special Events


We have a fleet of state-of-the-art rental radio equipment to handle your temporary communication needs! From conventions to special events, we can help you coordinate and manage your special function with the use of two-way radios.

Communication Service

Customer Service

Besides the experience, we have grown our business largely due to the personal attention given to all our customers needs, big or small. You will find our sales team second to none.

Our Motorola Service and Installation Department is dedicated to providing customers with quality Motorola service and products. We take pride in doing it right the first time while still providing value.

As an experienced Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer, we know that finding the right communication equipment for your needs can be challenging. Give us a call and we will help solve your communication dilemmas, whether you are looking for mobile or portable Motorola radios, pagers, dispatch consoles, or wireless data. Our Motorola service technicians are on-staff and ready to find the right Motorola services for you.

Whether you are looking for Motorola services for recreational or business needs, Altech can help you. Take a look at our recommendations below for common industries or contact an ALTECH Representative today!

Public Safety:

Altech offers many devices that will keep you focused on the mission at hand. Our Genuine Motorola Service will ensure dependable communication that will not be a distraction. Our quality mobile radios will work with you to shorten response time and protect the public. Security and event officials can also depend on our mobile radios to ensure smooth operations and safe events.

Heavy-Duty Services:

Operating day-to-day procedures safely and efficiently in industries like manufacturing, transportation, and construction requires clear communication. In these industries, time is money. Altech offers many mobile radios that will improve real-time collaboration and increase productivity. As an Authorized Motorola Dealer, we provide the most durable Motorola services sure to get the job done.

Healthcare & Hospitality:

Our lightweight and dependable mobile radios improve response time and allow industry professionals to devote more effort to quality care. Let our trained Motorola service technicians focus on your communication needs so you can focus on the needs of others.

Check out our radio specials to find great deals and rebates or contact a Motorola radio representative today for more information on our Motorola services or mobile radios.