MotoTRBO Handhelds

Motorola MOTOTRBO handhelds are a great communications solution for a wide variety of industries, including education, healthcare, oil and gas, logistics, retail, manufacturing and more. Whether you’re looking for a communications solution for a single location, a few locations or many, Motorola MOTOTRBO handhelds are designed for challenging environments and deliver cutting-edge software and greater value wherever they are deployed.

Motorola MOTOTRBO handhelds offer basic, mid-range, advanced and customizable features and capabilities to meet your communications needs. These solutions include ease-of-use, remote fleet management, text messaging, noise cancellation, advanced energy features, GPS positioning, indoor location tracking and an array of advanced energy saving solutions to help your teams be more safe, efficient and productive all day every day- whether they’re in the field at the factory floor or a hospital round.

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